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SCP Connect is the premier online portal for news, information, and stories related to counseling psychology and the Society of Counseling Psychology.  SCP Connect publishes content under a number of different categories (e.g., Op-Eds, SCP Reports, Practice Issues) relevant to counseling psychologists, undergraduate and graduate students interested in health service psychology, allied mental health professionals, and the general public.  This content is published in the form of individual blog posts, which are posted to a specific category and labeled with one or more “tags” (e.g., Practice, Early Career Professionals, Diversity), which allows website visitors to easily and quickly find content of interest to them.  Each post has a unique URL that can be bookmarked and social media buttons at the bottom of the post that make sharing the post with others (via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) easy. If you are interested in submitting an SCP Connect post, please read the following instructions.