SCP Strategic Plan (2019-2024)

The Strategic Planning STG was created during the summer of 2017 by 2017-18 SCP President Arpana Inman and co-led by Tania Israel and John Westefeld. Though strategic planning has been carried out by SCP several times in the past, the previous efforts often involved only the executive board. Therefore, this process built on past strategic planning efforts and worked to engage all SCP members, as well as additional stakeholders. The plan is aimed at focusing on the most significant challenges facing our organization, and the opportunities available to SCP for addressing those challenges and enhancing its functioning in the most effective manner. The Strategic Plan is organized around six strategic goals and is conceived of as a 3-5 year plan. See below for a summary of the SCP 2019-2024 Strategic Plan:

Please see the Final Report and Plan for a more detailed version of the SCP 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning Committee STG

  • Tania Israel, Co-Chair
  • John Westefeld, Co-Chair
  • Ruth Fassinger, 2019 SCP president
  • Mary O’Leary Wiley, STG member, representing independent practice
  • Tiffany O’Shaughnessy, STG member representing Early Career Professionals
  • Kerrie Wilkins-Yel, STG member representing Early Career Professionals
  • Yu-Wei Wang, STG member, representing international members
  • David Zelaya, STG member, representing students