With more than 2000 members and affiliates who live these values through a wide diversity of identities, interests, and professional activities and commitments, SCP can offer YOU a home. If you are not yet a member or an active participant in SCP, we heartily invite your involvement!

The success of our efforts rests heavily on the membership and the work of SCP volunteer leaders – our Executive Board, our committee chairs and members, our task group chairs and members, our student affiliate organization, and the staff of our central executive office. We currently have 13 Sections and 11 Special Interest Groups tailored to specific foci in counseling psychology. I encourage you to browse our websites and join as many Sections or Special Interest Groups as you like, many of which offer free or very inexpensive membership. We also have a nationally ranked journal, The Counseling PsychologistSCP Connect, and a Facebook page for more frequent updates of SCP activities. We hope you will make use of these many means of communication and connection with SCP.

Students may join the Student Affiliates of Seventeen (SAS), our national organization for students in counseling psychology. We are glad to inform that starting in 2022, SAS members, once registered, have voting privileges to voice your opinions. Additionally, SAS members are always enthusiastically welcomed into our sections, special interest groups, and special task groups, which offers the opportunity to network with the members in the Division Early career professionals also are vital participants in all SCP activities, from voting positions in governance to involvement in sections and special interest and task groups.

Depending on your needs, you have several membership options which are described in detail below. Regardless of which option you choose, you will receive a welcome packet by email within 2-3 weeks of joining Division 17. You will begin receiving The Counseling Psychologist shortly thereafter or at the beginning of the new membership year.

Join Online or by Postal Mail

Join Division 17 online by going to http://www.apa.org/divapp

Membership Options

Membership Guide.pdf

Division 17 Membership

Dues: $37

You can become a member of Division 17 in two different ways. After joining the American Psychological Association (APA) you may register to become a member of Division 17 (requires an active APA membership number) or you can join as professional/international affiliates (does not require an active APA membership). 

To become an APA member, visit www.apa.org/membership to complete an APA membership application. 

For more information about Division 17 or APA membership, contact:

Marisa Moore, PhD, Division 17 Membership Co-Chair
Han Na Suh, PhD 서한나, Division 17 Membership Co-Chair

APA Membership Department

  • 750 First Street NE
  • Washington, DC 20002-4242
  • (800) 374-2721

Recent Graduate Membership

Free for the first year after completion of doctoral degree!

As you make the transition from student to professional, consider joining Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) of the American Psychological Association.

Division 17 is the only APA division that advocates for the specialty of counseling psychology both within the field of psychology and in the public sector.

Student Membership

Dues: $17

Student membership is available to graduate student affiliates (SAS) or undergraduate affiliates. As a student you are eligible to join the Student Affiliates of Seventeen (SAS). For more information about SAS, please contact:

  • Student membership is available to graduate student affiliates (SAS) or undergraduate affiliates.  As a student you are eligible to join the Student Affiliates of Seventeen (SAS) for more information about SAS, please contact:
    • Sandra Gomez, SAS Membership  Coordinator Co-chair
    • Rachel Chickerella, SAS Membership  Coordinator Co-chair

Professional Affiliate Membership

Dues: $70

International Affiliate Membership

Dues: $17

First, we extend a warm welcome to our international colleagues and we look forward to collaborating with you to advance the work of counseling psychologists around the world.

Individuals who are not members of the American Psychological Association (APA) may join as professional affiliates or international affiliates. International affiliates may join the Division via online (http://www.apa.org/divapp)

Dues Waiver

The Society of Counseling Psychology provides a limited number of dues waivers for members in difficult economic circumstances.  Members may receive a dues waiver for up to three years over the course of their membership.  Dues waivers are available only to prior SCP members.  During the year of the dues waiver, members retain full membership privileges in the society. Applications should be submitted to the SCP Membership Committee Chair and are due December 1 of the year prior to the membership year for which the dues waiver is sought.  For example: an application for a dues waiver for 2022 is due December 1, 2021.  Download the Application for Dues Waiver (.pdf).