SCP members can  submit their favorite  photographs from Division 17 events to be included in our website’s photo gallery!

How to Submit Photos:

To participate, send high-quality pictures to our webmaster,  Kerrie Wilkins-Yel.  Importantly, each picture should be web friendly (300×300 to 1100×400 pixels) with a clear indication of which event and year the pictures are from.  Please limit each e-mail to no more than 8-10 pictures (and no more than 12MB total).  This will be a great way to document our division and its members thought the years!

Any pictures provided must meet the Policy on SCP Use of Images.  When submitting to the webmaster, please (1) carbon-copy (“CC”) Debbie Nolan, the SCP Executive Director, at [email protected], (2) attach the image to your reply email, and (3) state the following in the body of your reply email:  “I hereby confirm that I am an SCP member, the sole owner of the attached image(s) and rights to the image(s), and am granting explicit permission to SCP to use the attached image(s).”

If you are an SCP representative soliciting images for use in SCP-sponsored  media, the SCP Image Permission Request Email Template should be downloaded and used to facilitate this process.

To keep this project manageable, we will not be able to sub-title photos with the names of individuals portrayed in the photos.

Thank you for your submissions!