Policy on SCP Use of Images

Any images used in SCP-sponsored media (e.g., div17.org website; standalone websites for SCP sections, special interest groups, special task groups, Student Affiliates of Seventeen; newsletters, fliers, Facebook pages, other social media pages) must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

(1) The image and rights to the image must be owned by SCP or APA,

(2) The image and rights to the image must be owned by an SCP member, who has explicitly granted the SCP-sponsored media permission in writing to use that image (by sending an email of record to the SCP Executive Director)

(3) The image must be used with the express authorization of the owner of that image.  This express authorization can be obtained by purchasing the rights to the image.

It is not always necessary to pay to use an image, such when the image has been placed in the Public Domain or given a Creative Commons license by the creator of that image.  However, in such a situation, there are often additional stipulations which must be met before the image can be used (e.g., notifying the creator of your intention to use the image, crediting the image creator in the caption of the image wherever it appears, if identifiable person(s) appear in the photo then it may be necessary to get their permission).  For certainty of legal use of images you do not own or have not purchased the rights to, you must speak directly with the creator of the image to determine the image’s copyright status and stipulations of use.

Given the complexity of criteria #3, it is recommended that all images used in SCP-sponsored media meet either criteria #1 or #2. For questions about this policy or about the use of specific images, please contact the Communications and Technology Board Director, the VP for Communications, or the Executive Director.

If you are wishing to solicit images for use in SCP-sponsored media, please use this downloadable SCP Image Permission Request Email Template.