Vocational Psychology

The Society for Vocational Psychology (SVP) is an active Section within the Society of Counseling Psychology (Division 17) of the American Psychological Association.  SVP was founded in 1996 from the groundwork of prominent vocational psychologists who wanted to encourage, promote and facilitate contributions to research, teaching, practice, and public interest in vocational psychology and career counseling and interventions by Division members.  The Section operates by consensus of its members and is committed to advancing the human rights of all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, class, nationality, ethnicity, age, disability, gender, or religious orientation.

SVP is committed to promoting quality research and practice of vocational psychology and career counseling and attempts to meet the needs of its members through biennial conferences, networking and mentoring opportunities, special topic subcommittees, listserv discussion, and a variety of other ways.

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Section Co-Chairs 

Bob Lent, Ph.D.

Mark Savickas, Ph.D.