Section Awards

Leadership Award:

The Section on Professional Practice Leadership award is given to an individual who has demonstrated significant leadership within his or her role in the clinical practice of Counseling Psychology, the Society of Counseling Psychology, the Section on Professional Practice, their state psychological organization, and/or other professional bodies.

  • 2017 Leadership Award: Marcy Rowland, PhD

Outstanding Practitioner Award:
The Outstanding Practitioner Award is given to the individual who has demonstrated a significant commitment to and advancement of the principles of Counseling Psychology in the context of clinical practice. The winner of this award also has a record of exceptional service within his or her community.

  • 2017 Outstanding Practitioner: Alan Maugherman, PhD

Travel Award:
The section travel award will be presented to help a practice-oriented Counseling Psychologist or graduate student with an interest in a career focused on practice. The purpose of this award is to help defray the costs associated with traveling to the annual APA National Convention.

  • 2018: Chelsey Parker, M.A.
  • 2017 Travel Award: Eric Lester, PhD
  • 2016: Valene Whittaker, PhD