About the Section

The Section for the Professional Practice of Counseling Psychology is honored to contribute to representing the interests of professional practice within the Society of Counseling Psychology. The Section aims to offer relevant information and resources on practice-related issues within the field of Counseling Psychology, and serve as a home for student affiliates and Division members broadly interested in professional practice.

Our Leadership Team is comprised of diverse and dynamic psychologists and students committed to professional practice, who are working and training in a range of clinical, academic, and government settings. We invite you to read more about our Leadership Team by reviewing our bios, and learn more about our Section’s dedication to its members’ professional, personal, and leadership development by exploring our website. Notably, the Section for Professional Practice offers financial support for practice-oriented members of the Society to travel to the APA Annual Convention, and awards recognizing achievements related to professional practice at various career stages. We have also collaborated with our colleagues through the Division on the creation of webinars on issues relevant to the professional practice of Counseling Psychology.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that the voices and interests of SCP members and student affiliates committed to professional practice be represented throughout the Society. We are enthusiastic for the opportunity to welcome new members to our Section Leadership Team, particularly in the positions of Student Representative, Chair of Practitioner Engagement, Research Committee Chair, and Social Media and Technology Coordination.

If you have questions or feedback about the Section, or would like to get more involved as a member or in Section leadership, please do not hesitate to contact our Section Co-Chairs, Dr. James Donaldson, at [email protected] and Dr. Allie Minieri, at [email protected]. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook at our “Section for the Professional Practice of Counseling Psychology” page.

Statement of Purpose:

The Section for Professional Practice aims to encourage, promote and facilitate contributions by Society/Division members and other psychologists to the field of Counseling Psychology, particularly as such contributions pertain to the professional practice of Counseling Psychology, and to represent the interests of those engaged in the professional practice of Counseling Psychology to the Society/Division within the APA and to external constituencies.

Read our Section Bylaws (will open to PDF of Bylaws document).