Leona Tyler Award for Lifetime Achievement in Counseling Psychology

The Leona Tyler Award, the most prestigious award of the Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP), is designed to recognize a senior member of the SCP who has made a lifetime of significant and sustained contributions representing unusual breadth and depth to the field of Counseling Psychology. 

Congratulations to the 2022 Award Recipient: David L. Blustein, Ph.D.



  1. The Tyler Award Chair should work with the Chair of the SCP Awards and Recognition Committee to review previous Tyler “Call for Nominations” and make any necessary changes to update the text. 
  2. The Tyler Award Chair will work with the Chair of the SCP Awards and Recognition to make sure the updated  “Call for Nominations” is widely distributed through multiple means (e.g., placed in the fall SCP Newsletter, updated on the SCP website, sent out on the SCP listserv, etc.).  
  3. The Tyler “Call for Nominations” text should include the following information:
    1. Complete description of the Leona Tyler Award for Lifetime Achievement in Counseling Psychology
    2. Instructions for submitting nominations materials including complete contact information for the Chair of the Tyler Award Committee
  4. List the materials to be included in the nomination packet: no more than three supporting letters, one of which should be a letter of nomination (from self or other) and no more than two additional letters of support from psychologists; all letters should directly address how the nominee meets the criteria for the specific award (b) a copy of the nominee’s vita. 
  5. Deadline for nomination materials:  November 12th (check with Chair of the SCP Awards and Recognition Committee to make sure the date has not been changed).
  6. Any member of SCP can submit a nomination.
  7. Include instructions for nomination letter (self or other) and supporting letters to document evidence of excellence, markers of significance, and sustained contributions
  8. Individuals who serve on the Tyler Award Committee or Executive Board who opt to submit a Tyler Award nomination or supporting letter will need to recuse themselves from any subsequent deliberations and voting.


The Tyler Award Committee shall consist of 6 individuals and the chair for a total of 7 members.  The six members will each serve a three year term.  The chair of the Tyler Award Committee is the immediate past chair of the SCP Awards and Recognition Committee and serves a one-year term. 

Each President-Elect appoints two SCP members to the Leona Tyler Award Committee. The President-elect’s two appointments join those of the two previous Presidents.   In making the appointments special attention needs to be paid to appoint individuals who have made substantial and sustained contributions to one or more of the five domains outlined in the Tyler Award criteria.  The President-Elect should review the roster of the returning committee members to determine which domains (diversity/social justice, education and training, professional leadership/service, professional practice, science) have the least amount of representation.  Once those “least covered” domains have been determined, the President-Elect should focus her or his attention on identifying individuals who have substantial experience in those specific domains. Individuals appointed to the Tyler Award Committee based on their record of expertise and accomplishments can represent multiple domains.  It is the responsibility of the President-Elect to guarantee that all five domains have solid representation on each year’s Tyler Committee. 


  1. Though the Award ordinarily will be given annually, the Executive Board may elect not to make an Award in any given year.
  2. The Tyler Award Committee will be responsible for receiving submitted documents and selecting 2 or 3 finalists to be forwarded to the Society’s Executive Board prior to their mid-year meeting.
  3. The Executive Board makes the final decision.  Selection of the Award winner will be decided by written ballot at the mid-year meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the voting members of the Executive Board who are present. 


  1. Notification of awardee: Following the selection by the EB, the President will call the winner. In addition, written notification should be sent to the Award winner signed by the SCP President and Tyler Award Chair.  The letter should include the details about the Tyler Award announcement that occurs at the SCP Business Meeting at the upcoming APA convention, and the Tyler Award Address and Tyler Award dinner that occur at the APA Convention one year after the announcement of the Award. 
  2. Public announcement: The Awards and Recognition Chair announces the newly selected Award winner at the Society’s Business Meeting. The award winner comes forward to have a picture taken with the SCP President and Chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee.  Prepare a description and picture of the Tyler Award winner for publication in the SCP newsletter, listserv, website, division services and any other SCP or APA related media outlets.  This occurs immediately after APA convention. 
  3. In anticipation of the Tyler Award Address at the subsequent APA convention, work with the Chair of the SCP Awards and Recognition to make sure that a check for $2000 is authorized as well as the production of the award plaque. For the text of the certificate, consult with the nominator and letter writers and invite one or more of them to draft the text of the certificate. Provide them with copies of examples of previous text as a model of style and length. Work with the Chair of Awards and Recognition, the SCP Treasurer, and APA Division Services to make sure the plaque and check are ready in time for presentation at the Tyler Award Address.
  4. Preparation for Address: The Awardee selects an individual of their own choice to make the introduction of the Award winner at the Tyler Award Address. 
  5. Presentation of the Plaque/Check:  Ideally the President will present the plaque and check to the Tyler Award winner after which he/she will introduce the introducer who will provide the introduction of the Tyler Award winner. If the President is not able to present the plaque and check, the Chair of the Tyler Award Committee during the year of Tyler Awardee’s selection will stand in for the President.  
  • Tyler Award Friday Dinner.  The dinner will be arranged by the SCP association manager within the confines of the SCP budget. Attendees at the dinner typically will include the Awardee, the person who introduced the Awarded at the Tyler Address, the Tyler Award Committee Chair in year of selection, the SCP President, and one guest each. There should be a maximum of 8 attendees. If there are open seats available, the Awardee may invite additional guests. This dinner is meant to be a small intimate celebration.
  • The recipient will be consulted for restaurant preferences. 
  • Make reservation at restaurant ideally in a private dining room/area. 


  1.  Historically, this award was supported by the royalties generated from the sale of the Vocational Exploration and Insight Kits, a treatment stimulated by Leona Tyler's thinking and elaborated by the authors of the VEIK (John L. Holland, Janice M. Birk, Jacqueline F. Cooper, Cindy R. Dewey, Robert H. Dolliver and Ricky T. Takai) and by Consulting Psychologists Press. There is no outside financial support at this time.

Note: SCP’s most recent strategic plan (2019-2024) includes goals such as elevating impact of counseling psychology and supporting counseling psychologists’ advocacy to promote client and community wellbeing, equity, and justice. Our current President Reynolds stated, “Every day we strive to build a more inclusive, just, and equitable profession and ensure that our work is centered in liberation and healing to dismantle oppression in all its forms, uplift all communities who are marginalized, erased, and harmed, and transform our policies, structures, and practices so that we may all one day be free.” This work is particularly important now given multiple pandemics experienced in recent years and our continued fight to support marginalized communities.
Therefore, we invite all nominations to address the ways your nominees strived to make this change. The submission materials should address how the nominee aligns with and/or applies counseling psychology values, particularly as it relates to counseling psychology’s focus on Liberation Anti-Black Racism, Advocacy and Engagement.