International Mentoring and Orientation Committee (IMOC)

In the past decade, counseling psychology graduate programs in the United States have witnessed an increase in the number of international students. Research shows that international students in counseling psychology programs experience challenges related to counseling training and supervision, in addition to various adjustment difficulties such as language barriers, discrimination, and loneliness, commonly experienced by most international students (Wang, 2005; Fuller, 2006). Recognizing a need to address the needs of this growing subgroup in counseling psychology programs, Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) of APA formed a Special Task Group on Mentoring of International Students in 2005 co-chaired by Drs. Yu-Wei Wang and Oksana Yakushko. In 2007, this Task Group evolved into International Mentoring and Orientation Committee (IMOC) under the International Section of Division 17. The present chair of IMOC is Dr. Kelly Yu-Hsin Liao.

The goals of IMOC are:

  • Establish a network to promote communication and dialogue about issues facing international students in counseling psychology.
  • Provide an opportunity for international students to get involved in Division 17 and the International Section and to connect with other international students and professionals in the field.
  • Offer a mentoring program for international  graduate students to promote their professional development and identity as counseling psychologists.
  • Organize convention activities tailored to the needs of international counseling psychology students (e.g., roundtable discussions on applying for internship, job search, research publication, and other relevant professional topics).

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