SCP/APA COVID-19 Resources

The following is a list of SCP/APA resources for students, faculty, psychologists, and supervisors regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

Note: This content is for informational purposes only. Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by the Society of Counseling Psychology.

SCP COVID-19 Response Webinars

Addressing Stigma & Xenophobia


Community Resources

  • Community Toolbox
    • Compiles resources from a variety of places regarding methods for community supports and practices
  • COVID-19 for Undocumented Communities
    • List of resources by state for members of undocumented communities
  • CDC Communication Materials
    • CDC offers free resources including video, handouts, flyers, fact sheets, and posters
  • COVID-19 Multilingual Resource Hub
    • The Asian American Studies Center at UCLA offers this searchable collection of online links and materials to help equip our diverse language communities with important information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Educational Resources

Literature on COVID-19

  • COVID-19 relevant free journal articles
    • This free collection includes relevant psychological research published across the APA Journals portfolio. We will update this collection on an ongoing basis.

Mental Health Apps

  • Woe Bot
    • Developed by psychologists, designed to help develop insights and skills
  • Sleep Stream
    • App can produce calming sounds and soothing melodies to help sleep
  • Headspace
    • Designed to help incorporate skills of meditation and mindfulness for a few minutes each day
  • Insight Timer
    • An app with a free library of guided meditations

Mental Health Resources

Research Practices

Resources for Professionals

Hubs for Even More Resources

Supervision & Training

Teaching/Instructor Resources

Telehealth Resources

Resource list compiled by the SCP COVID-19 Special Task Group

This list of resources was updated as of 04/22/2020. As more resources become available, please visit our comprehensive list of COVID-19 Digital Resources.  If you have any recommendations or suggestions of materials or resources to be added, please contact Mark Taracuk at [email protected] or Maggie Klotz at [email protected]

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