APA and Other Awards

Introduction to Our Committee

Introduction to the APA and Other Awards Committee

The American Psychological Association offers a number of major awards in recognition of outstanding contributions in diverse areas of psychology, including practice, research, teaching, and public service. You may visit the general APA Awards website for more information on these various APA Awards.

 *Note: If you are interested in learning about or applying for SCP-sponsored awards, please go to the SCP Awards website.

Mission Statement

Our committee works to increase the visibility of SCP members and highlight their contributions by seeking and supporting nominations of our diverse members.

2023-2024 Committee Contact Information

Email Committee Co-Chairs Stephanie Carrera, PhD and Bola Afolayan, PsyD for general questions, nomination ideas, or to self-nominate at [email protected]

General materials for APA and Awards from Other Organizations

Most, if not all, of these awards require you to (a) be an APA member or APAGS member; and (b) submit a nomination statement, 2-3 letters of support, and a CV. Be sure to read the award description carefully in case the review committee requires other/supplemental materials.

Instructional Videos

Click HERE to see all of the APA awards available and begin the nomination process!

SCP Members who have been honored with APA Awards in 2022-2023 included: 

  • Dr. Helen Neville (2023), Award for Distinguished Senior Career Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest
  • Dr. Melba Vasquez (2023) and Dr. Elizabeth Welfel (2022), Lifetime Award for Accomplishments in Ethics Education
  • Dr. Arpana Inman (2023), Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology Award
  • Dr. Sandy Shullman (2023) and Dr. Rosie Phillips Davis (2022), Raymond D. Fowler Award for Outstanding Contributions to APA
  • Dr. Jioni Lewis (2023), APA Achievement Award for Early Career Psychologists
  • Dr. Jeanette Mayse (2023) and Dr. Delishia Pittman (2022), Distinguished Professional Contributions to Independent Practice Award 

Examples of APA Awards include:

 APA Practice Awards

APA Science Awards

APA Education and Training Awards

APA Public Interest Awards

APA International Awards

American Psychological Foundation (APF) Awards

Specialty Awards