Dr. Anneliese Singh's Presidential Initiative

Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation is fundamental to who we are as a profession and a collective community committed to creating a world free of oppression.

Dr. Anneliese Singh (SCP 2019-2020 President) defines liberation as the following, “we all have a personal experience of liberation. It is the feeling deep in our bones when we are free from all the internalized messages we were taught of who we were supposed to be and the expansion we feel when we transform these messages into critical consciousness to act upon the world and change it. The project of working toward liberation for all people who experience oppression is one that frees all of us along the way. Liberation is a psychological construct, but it only has meaning when we enact it. Liberation moves us beyond the debates of whether or not we should engage in advocacy and social justice, and moves us to envision the world we want to leave behind as counseling psychologists and actively build towards that world. Think about it. What would a world free of racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and other oppressions ‘look like?’ Building a counseling psychology of liberation helps us dream that this new world can not only exist, but that there are also specific action steps as counseling psychologists that we can take right now to work towards that goal; and, this means “liberation” should take its place alongside our other hallmark counseling psychology values of lifespan and career development, prevention and wellness, multiculturalism, and social justice.”

The following resources represent the ongoing work of “Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation,” a collective engagement within our profession. You will find a “Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation” overview video, past and upcoming webinars, a 4-week curriculum for Liberation Process groups, and more resources for teaching and learning.



As part of her presidency, Dr. Anneliese Singh is spearheading, 12 Months of Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation. This presidential initiative is designed to build a counseling psychology of liberation. To this end, there will be a host of webinars, podcasts, and Twitterchats over the next 12 months designed to explore how “liberation” can become a CP principles in our personal and professional lives.

Webinar: Watch what we do not what we say: White allies centering liberation to dismantle white supremacy

Date/Time: Jan 22, 2020 3:00 PM Pacific Time/6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Description: James Baldwin wisely stated “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” In this webinar, we will discuss the ways that we work to face our own internalization of white supremacy culture in our ongoing journeys to be accomplices in the fight for racial justice. We hope to move beyond an intellectualized discussion of racial justice and engage with the heart of liberation work. This webinar is available here.

Webinar: Liberation through Reclaiming Our Immigrant Stories and Putting Privilege to Action

Date/Time: Dec 6, 2019 at 5pm EST

Description: This third webinar of the “12 Months of Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation” series focuses on applying liberation themes to issues of immigration. Laura P. Minero will discuss the psychological impact that the 2016 election had on her as a DACA-mented scholar, and how finding ancestral knowledge and other liberation strategies have informed both her self-care and scholar activism. Dr. Germán Cadenas will share experiences of exclusion based on the intersection of race/ethnicity and immigration, and will explore these in the context of immigration policy history. Dr. Agnes Kwong will share how she has integrated social justice and advocacy into her practice including advocacy for people seeking asylum in the U.S., and how her own immigration story influences how she approaches her practice and community organizing/activism. This webinar is available here.

Webinar: Witches, Radicals, and Unfit Women: Decolonizing Histories and Reclaiming Voices

Date/Time: November 4 (Monday) at 9am PST/12pm EST

Presenters: Oksana Yakushko and Anneliese Singh

Description: Dr. Oksana Yakushko focuses on histories of totalitarian philosophies, common to Hellenistic Greeks as well as of the witch-hunts, which laid the foundation for determination of “good” and “bad” human behavior in Western countries and their colonies. This webinar is available here.

Webinar: Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation: Exploring Liberation Principles in Our Own Lives

Date/Time: October 22 (Tuesday) at 3pm PST/6pm EST

Presenters: Elizabeth Cardenas Bautista, German Cadenas, Reuben Faloughi, Carlton Greene, Della Mosley, Ankita Nikalji, Amy Reynolds, and Anneliese Singh

Description: In this webinar, presenters review core definitions and tenets of liberation psychology and share their lived experiences of liberation as counseling psychologists. This webinar kicks off “!2 Months of Exploring a Counseling Psychology of Liberation” – an initiative from Anneliese Singh’s Division 17 Special Task Group (STG) supporting counseling psychologists in examining the lived personal and professional experiences of engaging in liberatory work in practice, training, advocacy, and research. This webinar is available here.