About ICP - Mission Statement

The International Section of the APA Society of Counseling Psychology (Division 17) is dedicated to encouraging, promoting, and facilitating a scientist-professional model of counseling psychology in international contexts in the U.S.A. and around the globe through:

a. Research with international populations, cultures, or organizations.

b. Service (e.g., counseling, prevention, social justice and advocacy, consultation, program evaluation) to individuals, communities, cultures, and organizations.

c. Teaching and training of international graduate students or the education of other graduate students and mental health professionals interested in international issues.

d. Policy development and implementation related to cross-cultural issues in counseling psychology.

e. Networking and supporting counseling psychologists and other mental health professionals who are interested in a broad range of international issues.

f. Maintaining a forum where such individuals can openly and frequently share their ideas, common experiences, culture, and expertise.

g. Promoting cross-cultural collaboration among counseling psychology organizations around the globe.

Review ICP Bylaws here.