2024 President-Elect Candidates

All candidates were asked to provide a brief statement, introducing themselves and answering the following question: 

How would your skills and vision help you contribute to and lead SCP’s efforts to center its new values, uproot anti-Black racism, and promote liberation, in SCP and beyond?

Delishia M. Pittman, PhD, MPH, ABPP, LPC, NCC

I identify as a Black, womanist, scholar-activist-practitioner, however, in my day-to-day, I am most guided by my identity as a healer; hailing from a long line of healers with little or no formal training but sharing deep commitment and belief in leaving [all] things better than you find them - a value that permeates every facet of my life and life’s work. This identity is deeply rooted in the values that undergird SCP-- critical consciousness, accountability, advocacy, liberation, and healing—and is evidenced across my history of service within and beyond SCP. Currently, I serve as Division 17 Council Representative and Liaison to Divisions 50-56 for the Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR) for the American Psychological Association, and Diversity Chair of the American Board of Counseling Psychology (ABCoP) and Trustee on the American Board of Professional Psychology Board of Trustees. Previously, I have served as a Convention program chair, coordinator for the National Multicultural Conference & Summit, 2-term Chair for the Section on Ethnic and Racial Diversity (SERD) and held editorial board appointments and coedited specials issues for multiple counseling journals.

My own critical consciousness and advocacy commitments have been honed through years of personal growth and triumph, academic study, professional experience, collaboration and organizing and have equipped me to continue to advance SCPs efforts to uproot anti-Black racism within counseling psychology and beyond. If elected, I will work to extend SCPs reach and amplify SCP values as we address 1) the integration of technology, 2) the mental health workforce shortage, and 3) mental health in the workplace. Counseling psychologists are particularly well suited to lead the critical conversations and advocacy work necessary to uprooting and repairing the harms of anti-Black racism and White supremacy in an evolving, global landscape while promoting liberation within the field and beyond.

 Watch Delishia's Candidate Video HERE! 

Katharine Hahn Oh, PhD

My vision for SCP is “Building Beloved Community through Love, Leadership, and Liberation.”

Inspired by John Lewis’ writing, my vision of SCP as a Beloved Community is an organization that operates according to principles of liberation and love to transform SCP and the larger world. Liberation means freeing ourselves from bias and internalized oppression and freeing society from systemic oppression. Liberation requires practicing love in how we relate to each other, which also repairs harm. In the past few years, SCP has begun to liberate ourselves from colonial and patriarchal ways of relating, and we have lovingly honored our need for rest and healing. Through leadership infused by love and liberation, we can take the critical work we have done and build on it to create the Beloved Community within SCP and in the world.

What might this look like?

  • Take steps to help all feel a sense of belonging in SCP, connecting each other with meaningful opportunities to be in community
  • Develop leadership among current leaders and members using liberation principles and continuing to uproot anti-Black racism
  • Apply principles of liberation in our lives and in our advocacy to create Beloved Community beyond SCP

This world creating is relational and practical and will bring SCP’s new values to life, especially the values of Collectivism, Healing, and Liberation.

I am White, bi, grew up working class, and married into a Korean American family. My lived experience, my work as a feminist Relational Cultural therapist, and my adaptive leadership skills will inform my leadership. I am the Director of the Counseling Center at John Carroll University, and I’ve served as VP for Communications and Co-Chair of the Leadership Academy in SCP, as well as Chair of APA’s Policy & Planning Board. I would be honored to serve as your next President-Elect.

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