2024 APA Council of Representatives Candidates – Slate 2

All candidates were asked to provide a brief statement, introducing themselves and answering the following question: 

How would your skills and vision help you contribute to and lead SCP’s efforts to center its new values, uproot anti-Black racism, and promote liberation, in SCP and beyond?

Amy L. Reynolds, PhD

As the celebrated advocate Marian Wright Edelman once shared, “Service is the rent we pay for living.” It has been my honor to serve Division 17 through various roles, including APA Awards Chair, Program Chair, and finally, President in 2021-2022. I am running for SCP Council Representative so I can bring my expertise, my commitment to SCP values, and my long-term efforts to transform our division and discipline by helping reimagine and build an APA that centers the values of SCP including liberation, healing, advocacy, prevention, critical consciousness, and accountability.

As a late career counseling psychologist, professor, and department chair for the Department of Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology at the University at Buffalo, much of my work has centered multicultural change efforts in higher education. Such efforts are no longer enough. Instead, we must envision and build anti-racist organizations that view disrupting racism as one of their core missions. Within SCP, we have centered relational and value-based work to proactively identify and change the policies, practices, and processes that reinforce the status quo, support institutional whiteness, and maintain anti-Black racism. Our Council reps have represented our division by helping pass important resolutions on Equitable and Respectful Treatment of Graduate Students, Lifetime Term Limits for Council Reps, and the Apology to People of Color. These resolutions are only the beginning of transforming APA. Doing this advocacy and organizational work has been the focus of my SCP leadership, and I will continue promoting organizational awareness and commitment, encouraging readiness, and facilitating change within SCP and APA. That will require doing the crucial personal and organizational work necessary to creating inclusive and liberatory organizations. It would be my honor to represent SCP as Council Rep to ensure that psychology is fully committed to liberatory action within our association and across the globe.

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Evelyn Hunter, PhD

My name is Evelyn Hunter, and I am honored to be considered for election to the APA Council of Representatives for the Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP). I believe my service and leadership experience within SCP, the broader APA, and my community positions me to promote SCP values of liberation at the broader APA level.
I am an Associate Professor and owner of a multidisciplinary private practice. I have served in various leadership positions within SCP including past Chair of the ECP Committee, and current Vice President of Scientific Affairs. At the APA level, I am immediate Past-Chair of the APA Ethics Committee.

My clinical work and research aim to alleviate health inequities in chronic illnesses that plague rural Black communities, and I serve in several community and non-profit-based organizations associated with this work, including the Healthcare Advisory Board in Alabama.

My efforts across my service, leadership, clinical, research, and community work are all rooted in my ongoing commitment to center the values of liberation and healing as we move toward our collective vision of an anti-racist psychological community and society.

I commit to bringing these advocacy skills to the Council of Representatives (COR). Specifically, if I am elected to the COR I commit to advocating for our SCP values on the council floor, supporting and initiating council business that will align and promote SCP values of liberation, and representing the interests of the SCP community to the broader APA community. I thank you for your consideration and support.

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