2023 Secretary Candidates Statements

Gilbert Jew, Ph.D.
Pronouns: He/Him/His

Q: How would your skills and vision help you to contribute to and lead SCP’s efforts to uproot anti-Black racism in SCP and beyond? 

A: As secretary, I promise to keep the needs of Black Americans front and center within the executive-level dialogues and decisions within SCP to the absolute best of my ability. I recognize that as an Asian American, I also may have anti-Black biases and beliefs as well; I vow to interrogate these beliefs and to listen with my whole heart when challenged. Throughout my career as a counseling psychologist, I have worked tirelessly with BIPOC and other marginalized groups to highlight how anti-Black racism negatively affects everyone, but Black Americans most of all. My coalition building efforts came to a crescendo with the Solidarity March for Black Lives at the 2016 annual convention of the American Psychological Association. There, I collaborated with Black Psychologists to highlight to APA and SCP how important it was to stand unequivocally with Black Americans in response to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille at the hands of the police. During the march, I recognized that my voice was not the most important one in a room, and I worked to elevate Black voices. In times when forces in society are actively attempting to keep Black Americans and other oppressed groups sequestered to the margins, I believe my passion, cultural humility, and coalition-building skills would contribute greatly to the secretary position within SCP. On a personal note, as a non-Black BIPOC member of SCP, it is incredibly validating to see SCP working to decolonize and center liberation and fight for what we know in our hearts is right. I would cherish the opportunity to work with others in extinguishing anti-Black racism within SCP and beyond. I envision our collective home as an ongoing hub for social justice within the larger APA and society at large.

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Delida Sanchez, Ph.D.
Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

Q: How would your skills and vision help you to contribute to and lead SCP’s efforts to uproot anti-Black racism in SCP and beyond? 

AI am honored to be nominated to run for SCP Secretary. I am a counseling psychologist with over 20 years of working as a clinician, researcher, and leader to promote strengths-based, anti-racist, culturally responsive research and practice. I see the role of the SCP Secretary as central to documenting and circulating essential information to the SCP body and beyond. As Secretary, I look forward to working collaboratively with other members of the Executive Board to manifest the vision of the presidential trio and the SCP’s strategic goals.  

As an AfroLatina (Nuyorican), cisgender woman, and first-generation Ph.D. from working-class roots, my vision for uprooting anti-Black racism is grounded in an intersectional approach. I was the lead editor of a Special Issue in the Journal of Latinx Psychology, “AfroLatinidad: Theory, Research, and Practice,” which focused on centering the lived experiences of AfroLatinxs. I also co-created the “We Must Do Better: A Toolkit for non-Black Latinxs Who Choose to Address their anti-Blackness” toolkit with Drs. Hector Adames, Nayeli Chavez-Dueñas, and Maryam Jernigan which identifies the problematic ways Latinxs avoid discussing race and anti-Blackness, and steps to awaken their racial consciousness. Building on this work, I envision working collectively with the Editorial Board to address anti-Black racism perpetuated in all communities. Central to this is identifying how Whiteness remains protected in the SCP. 

Relatedly, I look forward to supporting the success of current and future Black leaders in SCP who are often emotionally taxed with the labor of uprooting anti-Black racism while also living it and advocating for structural support for leadership development of future early and mid-career Black leaders in SCP. 

I look forward to sharing my wisdom and will bring humility, warmth, and a collaborative approach to my role as Secretary. I am excited to be part of transformative changes within SCP.

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