2023 VP for Diversity and Public Interest Candidates Statements

Roberto Abreu, Ph.D.
Pronouns: He/Him/Él

Q: How would your skills and vision help you to contribute to and lead SCP’s efforts to uproot anti-Black racism in SCP and beyond? 

A: I am deeply humbled to have the opportunity to run for VP of Diversity and Public Interest (VPDPI). I am an assistant professor at the University of Florida. I am running for VPDPI because with efforts to address equity, diversity, and inclusion are being banned across the nation, I believe that we must strengthen our commitment to dismantling anti-Black racism, unapologetically embody social justice actions, and work toward liberation. 

As a Latinx, immigrant, cisgender, gay, and queer presenting man, my oppressed and privileged identities have shaped my leadership experiences. As a leader, I have used my skills as an activist, scholar, and mentor to both resist oppression and facilitate healing spaces. I have been involved in institutional, local, state, and national efforts aimed at dismantling anti-Blackness and combating the impact of anti-trans laws and bills. If elected VPDPI, I will contribute to SCP’s efforts to uproot anti-Black racism by: (1) helping to implement current and future efforts to address anti-Blackness within the division, (2) implementing new efforts guided by our membership, (3) holding myself and others in SCP leadership accountable, and (4) actively recruiting new leaders into the division. 

It’s been an honor to serve in multiple leadership roles within SCP, APA Divisions 44 and 45, and the National Latinx Psychological Association (NLPA). These leadership experiences have taught me that proposed ideas that do not interrogate how anti-Blackness is showing up in the moment will only result in actions that perpetuate anti-Blackness within such organization. It is my hope that as VPDPI, I will continue to engage in self-reflection, actively work on a plan to interrogate anti-Blackness within me, center the voices of our Black members. 

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Kimberly Burdine, Ph.D.
Pronouns: She/Her

Q: How would your skills and vision help you to contribute to and lead SCP’s efforts to uproot anti-Black racism in SCP and beyond? 

A: First and foremost, thank you, SCP, for your incredible practice, scholarship, teaching, organizing, and leadership. Maintaining accreditation, coordinating care for the most vulnerable populations, addressing systemic oppression, and providing leadership through unprecedented crises saves lives and shifts culture. I currently work in independent practice and provide equity-based consultation and training, and I have been an advocate for equity in a variety of roles from mathematics teacher, school counselor, pre-doctoral intern, staff psychologist, diversity coordinator, director of community engagement, training director, and associate clinical professor. I believe my community intervention lens, passion for training, and advocacy for collective wellness are assets to SCP leadership and the VPDPI.

With momentum from recent SCP appointments, I aspire to address anti-Black racism as VPDPI through 1) increased engagement with our Black student membership and the academic programs gifted with further developing their talents, 2) establishing community and strengthening collaboration with sibling APA divisions and other organizations (i.e., ABPsi, ACA GAPP, NASW DEIC.) to address organizational harm to better promote Black liberation, and 3) implementing and/or strengthening pathways for increased celebration of community-based Black psychologists. With me in this role, our membership can rest assured that the VPDPI office prioritizes individual and collective sustainability—heavy on the “rest (as resistance”). 

This year marks my transition to mid-career, and community building continues to be my best strategy towards sustainability as a liberation-oriented counseling psychologist. Collaboration is a hallmark of my leadership and creates an appreciation for diversity of perspective when addressing needs of a large community. I also value being transparent, authentic, and a connector. I am on ballot for VPDPI with commitment to reignite and support the greater SCP collective, to build community and sustainability in advocacy, and to honor the legacies of other queer, Black counseling psychologists who have helped the division thrive.

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