There are many ways to participate in SAS!

SAS Representative Network:

To become a Program Representative, vist the SAS Representative Network. If your program is not yet represented, contact the Membership Chair, Sandra Gomez, at to apply!


The SAS listerv is used to post messages and inform SAS members about funding opportunities, volunteer opportunities within Division 17 and other announcements of interest. Information on additional Division 17 listservs can be found here.

To join the SAS Listserv, send an e-mail to the current Division 17 Listserv Coordinator. In the body of your email write: subscribe sasdiv17, your email address, and your name.  If you experience any difficulties joining or leaving the listserv please email the Social Media Chair, Amelia Gardiner, at

For information on using the SAS listserv to recruit research participants, click here: Listserv Policy.

SCP Committees:

SAS also continuously recruits members to serve on SCP committees and special task groups. When SCP needs student representations on committees and groups, they rely on SAS to recruit members to serve. Calls for members usually go out on the listserv, the website, and the Facebook page. So be on the lookout for these opportunities!