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We welcome comments, concerns, questions and new ideas for programs and initiatives! Please feel free to contact executive board members listed below. To learn more about Board Members, see our bios.

Leticia Martinez, Gloria McGillen, and Colleen Eddy,

Rachel Reimers,

Anthony Schmiedeler,

Data Manager:
Daisy (Xiaotian) Hu,

Communications Co-Chairs:
Apoorvee Sawhney, Amelia Gardiner, and Nick Dawson,

Justice and Equity Pillar Co-Chairs:
Bo Hyun Lee and Robina Onwong’a,

Growth and Sustainability Pillar Chair:
Yuxuan Zhao,

Wellness and Positive Development Pillar Co-Chairs:
Nick Neibergall and Alexis Rhames

Programming Co-Chairs:
Jocelyn Jimenez-Ruiz and Xinling (Ling) Liu

Excellence and Innovation Pillar Co-Chairs:
Michael Breske and Chan Jeon “CJ” Park,

Membership Chair:
Sandra Gomez


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