Board Member Bios


Sam Colbert, SAS Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: working with individuals from marginalized communities
Research Interests: LGBTQ studies, prosocial behavior, intersectionality
Career Goals: independent practice, consulting work, research
Hobbies: gardening, nature walks, auctions

Ashley Schoener, SAS Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Neuropsychological assessment; individual counseling with children and young adults
Research Interests: Integration of neuroscience and counseling; the effect of mindfulness on executive functioning
Career Goals: Private practice, consultation, and training
Hobbies: Hiking, playing with my dogs, traveling, and watching Netflix


Kevin Cannon, SAS Treasurer

Clinical Interests: Neuropsychological assessment, Objective personality assessment, and borderline personality disorder.
Research Interests: Help-seeking behavior, mental health literacy, mental health beliefs, nonreligious/secular identity and mental health
Career Goals: A little bit of everything! But ideally teaching at the university level while also maintaining a neuropsychological assessment and consultation practice.
Hobbies/Interests: Woodworking, reading books on topics like quantum physics and current events, pretending to maintain a fitness routine, hanging out with my cat-child, and watching Netflix….and Hulu…and Amazon Prime…usually not all at the same time.


Kristen Reser, SAS Secretary

Clinical Interests: Adults, anxiety, depression, trauma and growth
Research Interests: Gifted individuals, perfectionism, resilience
Career Goals: Independent practice, teaching, assessment
Hobbies: Creative writing, orchid growing, reading

Sarah Meyer, SAS Social Justice and Advocacy C0-Chair

Clinical Interests: religion/spirituality, disability issues, trauma, couples and relationship issues
Research Interests: disability minority stress and resilience, Nonvisual facets of body image and sense of self
Career Goals: I would like to work as a therapist at university counseling center and  in private practice
Hobbies: singing and playing piano, spending time with family and friends, reading, playing with my cat and my family’s pets

Casey Brasfield, SAS Social Justice and Advocacy C0-Chair

Clinical Interests: Mood Disorders, LGBTQ Population, Identity Development
Research Interests: International Psychology, LGBTQ Issues, Sexual Minorities
Career Goals: I would like to work for an intergovernmental organization, such as the United Nations, and I am interested in academia.
Hobbies: traveling, horseback riding, camping, and meeting new people

Becca Hughes, Promotions Chair

Clinical Interests: university counseling centers, issues related to diversity, and non-traditional college students
Research Interests: help-seeking behaviors, international issues, and mental health stigma
Career Goals: Psychologist at a University Counseling Center, and adjunct teaching
Hobbies: traveling, crafting, being outdoors, and baking

Aashna Banerjee, Newsletter/Blog Chair

Clinical Interests: working with marginalized and underserved populations
Research Interests: gender, sexuality, sex work, social justice, multiculturalism
Career Goals: I would like to practice and conduct social justice oriented research at the same time!
Hobbies: doing yoga, eating plants, and binging on Netflix

Paulina Wojtach, SAS Social Media Chair

Clinical Interests: Diversity (i.e. LGBT, race/ethnicity, immigrants), self-esteem, depression, anxiety
Research Interests: White immigrant populations, help-seeking behaviors, Human-Animal Interaction
Career Goals: Academia, assessment, private practice
Hobbies: Gardening, baking, traveling, dogspotting, and spending time with my two cats, Bilbo and Roxas

Steven Scally, Prevention and Promotion in Mental Health Pillar Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Sexual/Gender Minority Populations, Minority Stress, College Studetns
Research Interests: Sexual/Gender Minorities, Diversity in Counselor Training
Career Goals: I hope to find myself working in a University Counseling Center for sometime after finishing my PhD and then eventually move back into the world of academia to focus on my research
Hobbies: Video games, reading, spending time with friends



Corie Hess, Prevention and Promotion in Mental Health Pillar Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: children, adolescents, and families
Research Interests: mental illness stigma, suicide prevention, help-seeking behaviors
Career Goals: clinical work in a community mental health
Hobbies: loves crafts, sports, travelling and spending time in nature with family

Marlenne Devia, Multiculturalism Pillar Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Chronic Illness/Disability, Trauma, PTSD, Veterans Issues, Cross-Cultural Counseling, End-of-Life/Palliative Care, Help-Seeking
Research Interests: Ethnic identity development, help-seeking in the Latinx community, trauma, chronic health issues
Career Goals: My career goals are varied with the intent of pursuing a career as a psychologist within the Veteran’s Administration hospital system, while also maintaining a private practice working with the Latinx community (among others)
Hobbies: Spending time with family/friends, baking, yoga, and listening to true-crime podcasts.


Scott Barrera, Multiculturalism Pillar Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: University Counseling Centers, diversity (i.e., Race/Ethnicity, LGBTQ), and identity development
Research Interests: Racial Ethnic identity development specifically within the Latinx community
Career Goals: Academia
Hobbies: Traveling, Going to flea markets, Netflix


Sam Hinnenkamp, Scholarship, Engagement and Collaboration Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Providing individual and group counseling for individuals who have experienced interpersonal violence (i.e. domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking)
Research Interests: Youth advocacy/civic engagement, positive sexuality, sexual violence prevention. All interests are rooted in a multicultural, feminist perspective
Career Goals: Academia (teaching and research), integrating research into public policy, consulting
Hobbies: Playing guitar, live music, dog-sitting

Betsy Varner, Scholarship, Engagement and Collaboration Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Trauma, domestic and sexual violence, gender and sexual minorities
Research Interests: Social advocacy, sexual violence prevention, prejudice and discrimination
Career Goals: Maintain roles within advocacy, research, and clinical work
Hobbies: Baking, watching Netflix and sitting in coffee shops


Fabrice Ndzana, Scholarship, Engagement and Collaboration Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Adult psychopathology (mood and personality disorders), military populations; crisis intervention for natural and technological disasters, neuropsychological assessment
Research Interests: Psychotherapy research, test development (construct validity), suicide and coping; ego defensive functions.
Career Goals: I would to work as a military psychologist, or doing consulting work for private or government agencies. After military service, I am interested in holding a faculty position at a university and doing research.
Hobbies: Playing/watching soccer, running, bass guitar, and spending times with friends and my family, mindfulness training and hypnotherapy.

Rawan Atari, Programming Chair
Clinical Interests: Ethnic and Racial Minorities, LGBT, Community, Young Adults & Adolescents
Research Interests: Ethnic Identity Development, Positive Psychological Well-being, Arab and Muslim Communities, Resiliency
Career Goals: I would like to pursue a career in academia as a professor and focus my energy on expanding research efforts on ethnic/racial minority populations, and take time to provide mental health relief services to communities around the globe
Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family, Road trips, Yoga, Listening to music & podcasts
Chelsey Parker, Webmaster

Clinical Interests: Forensic/Corrections Populations, Personality Disorders and TRauma
Research Interests: Human-Animal Interaction, Dynamics of Sexual Relationships, Criminal Psychology, Sexual/Gender Minorities
Career Goals: I would like to maintain a private practice, while conducting criminal and personnel assessments for correction facilities, prisons, jails, and police departments
Hobbies: Running, Eating, Playing with my fur-children, traveling and spending time with friends


Kailah Glock, Membership Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Working with adults, social skills training, group therapy, assessment
Research Interests: Qualitative analysis, grounded theory, student/counselor development
Career Goals: Private practice, assessment, academia
Hobbies: Knitting, crocheting, time with pets


Katie Califano, Membership Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Youths, college students, adults, and families
Research Interests: I am interested in youth sports, burnout, motivation, and the military
Career Goals: I am working towards being a sport and exercise psychologist for a university or a private practice
Hobbies: sports, playing with my puppy, and spending time with friends and family

Lo Wruble, Membership Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Clinical health psychology, psycho-oncology, pain management, marginalized populations
Research Interests: Integration of counseling in primary care/medical settings, family health promotion, patient and family adjustment to chronic illness, using mindfulness as a tool to reduce or mitigate side effects often associated with cancer and/or chronic pain, and the importance of mental health care for medical professionals working in high stress environments (e.g., ICE, ER, Oncology, etc.)
Career Goals: Work in a children’s hospital or similar integrated care setting providing counseling, consultation, and resources to patients and families battling chronic or life threatening illnesses; academia/research; program development; policy making
Hobbies: Sports (especially Michigan athletics – Go Blue!), trying new and interesting foods, traveling the world, cycling, hiking/backpacking, crafting, spending time with family and friends


Leah Crabb, Membership Co-Chair

Clinical Interests: Adults, couples, families
Research Interests: sexual assault and trauma; sexuality; gender discrimination; marginalized populations
Career Goals: Private practice and research
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, and traveling


Sharon Bowman Counseling Psych

Sharon Bowman, Ph.D, Faculty Advisor

Sharon L. Bowman, Ph.D., HSPP, ABPP, LMHC is Professor and Chair in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services at Ball State University. She is also a psychologist in private practice in Muncie, Indiana. She earned her doctoral degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Her internship was completed in the counseling center at the University of Delaware. She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association through Divisions 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) and 45 (Society for the Scientific Study of Ethnic Minority Issues). She was the 2014 President of Division 17, Society of Counseling Psychology. Dr. Bowman is a member and past chair of the Indiana State Psychology Board (licensure board), and has been Indiana’s liaison to the APA Disaster Response Network. She is also a longtime disaster mental health volunteer and instructor for the American Red Cross, working in local, regional, and national capacities. Dr. Bowman’s research and clinical interests are in supervision, mentoring and training, disaster psychology, and broadly-defined issues of diversity.