Welcome to the Announcements page! We at SAS believe it is important to keep all of our members as engaged as possible. Here you will find information regarding the most up-to-date activities that SAS is involved in, including newsletters, conferences, programming, and more! Our activities are designed to provide helpful information, networking opportunities, and opportunities for constructive discussion on a range of issues to students who are interested in different career paths as counseling psychologists.




Did you know that Ball State University’s term for SAS is ending August 2019? We are looking for the next Student Affiliates of Seventeen Host Institution! (Term August 2019-August 2022).


If you are interested in applying, click here to view the eligibility criteria and requirements as well as the application process! Or, click here to view our Host Institution Flyer! You can also view this Sample Application for what has been accepted in the past as a completed application.


 Call for SAS Program Representatives!

    • We are looking for program representatives at several universities throughout the country. Please see our Network page to see if there’s a vacancy at your school!