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If you were unable to attend our April webinar, Experiences of American Muslims in the Trump Era: Identity development, Resilience, and Mental Health, you can view and download a condensed version of the presentation by clicking on the following links: Experiences of American Muslims (pt. 1) and Experiences of American Muslims (pt. 2)! (please note that these documents are both from a single webinar – however, due to the size of the document it is uploaded here in two separate documents)

Announcing… the New Host Institute!

The Ball State Student Affiliates of Division Seventeen (SAS) Executive Board is pleased to announce the new SAS Host Institution will be University of Missouri, Columbia! University of Missouri, Columbia will serve as the SAS Host Institution for a three-year tenure from August 2019 – August 2022. Ball State University executive board members have already initiated the transition process as to best prepare the students at the University of Missouri to take on this wonderful privilege.


We would like to acknowledge the highly impressive applications we received and note that all student applicants put significant time and effort into this process. This was a very difficult decision. The Ball State executive board is honored to have served as SAS Host Institution, and we look forward to sharing this experience with a new group of qualified students.

Congratulations to the students at University of Missouri, Columbia, and thank you to all who were involved in this application and selection process! You are all appreciated.


Student Affiliates of Division Seventeen Executive Board
Ball State University


 Call for SAS Program Representatives!

    • We are looking for program representatives at several universities throughout the country. Please see our Network page to see if there’s a vacancy at your school!


 SAS letter of supportive protest

The Executive Board of the Student Affiliates of Seventeen (SAS) joins the American Psychological Association (APA) in standing against the current policy of the Trump Administration and the U.S. Department of Defense regarding the ban against transgender military service. In light of the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the administration’s ban, we find it important to publicly oppose the ban on transgender troops and critically question the U.S. Department of Defense’s justification on banning transgender Americans from serving in the United States military. Put no better way than was previously shared by APA:

“No scientific evidence has shown that allowing transgender people to serve in the armed forces has an adverse impact on readiness or unit cohesion. What research does show is that discrimination and stigma undermine morale and readiness by creating a significant source of stress for sexual minorities that can harm their health and well-being.”

As such, the current administration and Department of Defense refuse to acknowledge the research contradictive to that which they utilize as the foundation of this policy. In enacting this ban they are intentionally failing to accept and feigning ignorance toward the negative consequences that are sure to follow for the mental and physical health of an already marginalized community. What is more, the Trump Administration further demonstrates oppression and incompetence with their overt disregard to differentiate between transgender identity from the experience of having gender dysphoria. The presence of one is not indicative of the other nor are the terms interchangeable. As professionals, we aspire to advocate for the demarcation of these labels and wish to remind all that there is no such thing as “transgender” in the DSM-5. It is with this statement that the SAS Executive Board extends our continued support for all persons afflicted by this abhorrent policy. Know that we stand with you and will continue to strive to advocate for equality for you and all persons who fall victim to the oppression of our society.