Counseling Psychologist Lifetime Achievement Award in Prevention

For counseling psychologists who have engaged in more than ten years of prevention activities, including theory building, research, practice, training, and/or leadership.


2005 John Romano 

2006 Robert Conyne

2007 Steve Danish 

2008 Michael Waldo 

2009 Maureen Kenny

2010 Allen Ivey 

2011 Arthur Horne 

2012 Elizabeth Vera 

2013 Dorothy L. Espelage

2014 Isaac Prilleltensky 

2015 Keith Herman

2015 Myrna Shure 

2016 Carolyn M. Tucker 

2017 Jonathan Schwartz 


Counseling Psychology Prevention Research Award

For notable prevention research in counseling psychology conducted by a student or counseling psychologist. The award was created in 2008 in memory of George Albee for his distinguished contributions to psychology and prevention. The recipient of the award receives $200 for research on prevention.

2009 Katherine Raczynski

2010 Aimee J. Arikian

2011 Jack Tsan & Natasha Ali

2012 Krystal Frieson

2013 Erin E. Ayala

2014 Rachel Walker

2016 Laura Reid-Marks & Elizabeth Terrazas-Carrillo

2017 Keiko M. McCullough