Membership Information

New Members

The Section for LBGT Issues is seeking new members, affiliate members, and student affiliate members.

  • Division 17 members and fellows may join as members.
  • Affiliate Membership is open to all members or fellows of APA who are not members of Division 17.
  • Student Affiliate Membership is open to all student affiliate members of APA.

The section encourages involvement of all individuals from other divisional groups, particularly those addressing any and all diversity issues. All interested members are welcome without regard for their personal or sexual/affectional orientation or their gender or transgender identification.

To become a member, download the membership application as a Microsoft Word document or else an Adobe PDF file (you will require a free PDF reader). Complete the form and mail or email to our Membership Chair, Ryan Ebersole.

Renewing Members

Please update your e-mail address, professional status, or other information has changed since you joined our section. If you have not updated your membership within the past three years, it is likely that we do not have your current information on file. So that we can keep our membership list current, we drop members from our roster if there has been no contact for three years.

As your membership is important to us, please fill out a membership renewal form and email it to: Ryan Ebersole

PLEASE NOTE:Voluntary contributions to the SLGBTI operating or scholarship funds are encouraged.