Believing Black Lives Matter: Integrating Strategy and Spontaneity in Social Movement for Students and Early Career Professionals Webinar

This webinar kicked off the Spring 2017 Division 17 Diversity and Public Interest Webinar Series. What does it look like when we believe Black Lives Matter at the systemic, organizational, community, interpersonal, and intrapsychic levels? This webinar will build on the work of Black Lives Matter activism in and outside of counseling and psychology to detail attitudinal and positional strategies that forward social justice. The webinar will also highlight a theory of spontaneity to guide when and how to go “off script” to engage creative methods of social movement. Practice, education/training, research, and leadership implications will be discussed. Many thanks to the wonderful and powerful presenters, Dr. Candice Crowell, Dr. Jameca Falconer, and Reuben Faloughi.

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