2023 SCP Executive Board Elections

Dear SCP Family,


As Past President and Coordinator of Elections, I welcome you to the SCP Elections Webpage. I hope that you will spend some time on this page learning about the amazing Counseling Psychologists who have agreed to serve in leadership in SCP. Their experience and vision bring so much to our division and to our efforts to strengthen our discipline, combat anti-Black racism, and address injustice wherever it is. 

As you prepare to vote, we encourage you to set aside time to take these four steps:

  1. Read all our candidate statements carefully and learn about each of the candidates and the vision they have for SCP and our work on disrupting anti-Black racism.
  2. Watch the brief videos created by our candidates so you learn more about them in their own voices.
  3. Take time to reflect upon your personal biases and how they shape your voting process. For example, are you identifying with a candidate because of your shared identities, your Counseling Psychology lineage and/or friendships, and/or are you overlooking practitioner experience? What are the unexamined assumptions that shape your voting?
  4. VOTE before May 17th! Better yet, vote as soon as your ballot arrives on April 17th!!

This year we have six slates open (President-Elect, Vice President for Diversity and Public Interest, Vice President for International Affairs, Secretary, Early Career Professional [ECP] Representative, and one APA Council Representative). 

We continue to prize an election process that is equitable and inclusive as part of our efforts to recognize and dismantle the ways that white supremacy culture exists in our discipline and division.

On the Elections page, you will find information about each candidate running for each office (listed in alphabetical order). The actual voting will take place via APA ballot, which each SCP member and student members of APA will receive on April 17, 2023, and you will have until May 17, 2023, to cast your votes. I will make sure to follow up on APA’s announcement with one from SCP, so if you don’t get access to your ballot, you will know to request assistance from APA.

It would be wonderful if more of our members voted this year. Historically a very low percentage of APA and SCP members vote (around 20%). Please make a statement by using your voice in this election!

We value and believe in each of our SCP members who have stepped up with a powerful vision to lead in SCP for the 2023 slate. We offer deep gratitude to our colleagues who are willing to give their time and leadership to our beloved SCP. Deep appreciation goes to all our candidates: Melanie Wilcox, Rich Zamora, Roberto Abreu, Kimberly Burdine, Pius N. Nyutu, Bongjoo Hwang, Gilbert Jew, Delida Sanchez, Milo L. Dodson, Nelson O. O. Zounlomè, Ryan E. Flinn, Colleen Kase, and Jonathan Sepulveda. We are hoping to work with all these wonderful colleagues in the coming years and can’t wait to see the impact of their leadership in the future!

We are all looking forward to our continuing work, through our current presidential initiative, to dismantle anti-Black racism in SCP and beyond, and these leaders will be the ones who will work to implement our changes and strengthen our organization and field in amazing ways.

Our future is bright, as we boldly strive to dismantle anti-Black racism through our values and actions.

In solidarity,

Amy L. Reynolds, SCP Past President

Click HERE to watch all of the candidates videos!

President-Elect Candidates

Secretary Candidates

Vice President for Diversity and Public Interest Candidates

Vice President for International Affairs Candidates

APA Council Representative Candidates

Early Career Professional (ECP) Representative Candidates