SCP/Division 17 Rapid Response Protocol

SCP/Division 17 Rapid Response Protocol
Approved March 26, 2018

In order for SCP/17 to be more responsive to major events for which Psychology and Counseling Psychology have specific expertise and responsibility, the Cabinet will implement a rapid response protocol. Such a response is to foster continued dialogue and conversation on timely events and issues. Three time frames are identified with differing windows for input:

Immediate response – Events that warrants a response statement within 48 hours.

The President with an ad hoc writing team, chosen by the President, will compose a draft message and send to Cabinet and VPs with a 24 hour turn around for comment and feedback addressing both content and unintended consequences.

Rapid Response – Event that warrants a response in 3-4 days.

Original draft composed as above. The revised draft will then go to the Executive Board with a 48 hour turn around for Board comment and feedback.

Timely Response – Event that warrants a response within 1-2 weeks

Original draft composed as above. The revised draft will also go to the Past Presidents list and identified content experts for additional input. A third draft that incorporates from those comments/revisions will go to the Cabinet for final approval with a 48 hour turn around

For any event, the President can post an immediate statement that we are aware of the event and are preparing a response from SCP/Div 17

A final draft will then be distributed to the appropriate mediums (e.g. Div 17 Discussion list, webpage, SCP Facebook, Twitter, APA Board , other appropriate Divisions) Such statements will not constitute ACP/17 policy which requires more thorough discussion and a formal vote.  The intent is to provide a response within 48 hours to two weeks of events as appropriate.

Writing Process

President will select a small group of potential writers for the ad hoc writing team who will be members of on-call teams. These teams will be composed of volunteers and overlap with the Communications E & T Board writing team who will distribute the statement to SCP webpage, Facebook and Twitter

These writers will clarify the intention of the response:

  • Recognize: Some responses may be targeted to Division membership demonstrating inclusion and effective response
  • Recognize and Provide Resources: Some responses may be targeted to the public providing resources and specific expertise
  • Recognize and Educate: Some responses may be educative providing history and context from our Counseling Psychology perspective

When events are anticipated, a writing team will be created and composed of content experts who write a statement for release at the appropriate time (e.g. trans ban in military when guidelines are announced, new OCR guidance for sexual assault on campus)

VPs will be contacted for suggested expertise as needed; education, international, practice, diversity/social justice and science

Decision Process

President will triage with the ad hoc committee when events warrant a response and determine what kind of statement and what writing process will be used. This decision will be based upon their sense of the division and unsolicited input from membership

Statement will be signed with President’s name and rapid response team (specific names will not be included) 

Verbal Responses

 If the President or member of the cabinet is asked to make a verbal statement (e.g. media interview), a similar process will be initiated as appropriate for the purpose and time frame listed above. Individuals will speak from their roles and expertise, but clarify they are not offering SCP/Div 17 policy which requires a full discussion and vote by the Executive Board

Webinar or Zoom Follow-Up

 The goal of this policy is to foster conversational dialogue on important issues among our members and provide resources for our members and our communities. When a number of people respond and/or additional perspectives are offered to these issues, we may facilitate a Webinar or Zoom conversation in a format more suited than e-mail list serve postings. This conversation will be open to all members and promoted on the various division list serves.