Vice President of Scientific Affairs – Fall 2015

Vice President of Scientific Affairs

Rachel L. Navarro, Ph.D.



rachel navarroLet me begin by thanking Lisa Spanierman for providing professional mentorship as I transition into the VP for Scientific Affairs position. Your guidance and support have been invaluable. Thank You! I look forward to continued work with SCP leaders to promote the science of Counseling Psychology.


As I write this, I am representing SCP’s interests as a liaison to the APA Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA) at the second round of APA Consolidated Meetings. I am learning much about the role and influence of APA and BSA in promoting psychological science and how to advocate for Counseling Psychology as a scientific-based field. As counseling psychologists, I think we can make significant contributions to science-related issues including, but not limited to, the development of clinical practice guidelines, revisions to the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects, and promotion of transparency and openness in research. Please look for related emails and requests via the division listserv.


Beyond representing SCP’s interests as a liaison to the APA Board of Scientific Affairs and other entities, I have the three overarching priorities:


  • Foster integrative science training of all Counseling Psychology students, while finding innovative ways of supporting those students who aspire to science-oriented careers to expand our field’s scientific pipeline
  • Forage pathways of disseminating Counseling Psychology research to local, state, national, and international audiences in an effort to influence public policy
  • Promote Counseling Psychology’s contributions to multidisciplinary research that addresses important social concerns to increase external funding opportunities


Together, the newly formed Scientific Affairs advisory board and I are working to identify goals and actions attached to get of these priorities. Please welcome the following persons to the advisory board: Erin Hardin, G.E. Kawika Allen, Frank Dillon, Brandy Piña-Watson, and Sherry Wang. As we move forward, look for webinars on research methodologies and data analytical approaches, grant getting and management, and dissemination of research findings beyond academic journals.


If you would like to contribution to the aforementioned priorities, please do not hesitant to contact me. Your suggestions and ideas are more than welcome. Thank you for letting me serve the division and its members in this role.


Rachel L. Navarro, Ph.D.

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