Vice President for Professional Practice – Summer 2015


As this will be my final newsletter submission as SCP’s VP for Professional Practice, I would like to take this opportunity to express what an honor it has been for me to serve our division over the past three years. The time has flown by, and I have had opportunities to get to know many of you and to work closely with old friends. The experience of participating in our leadership board has been energizing and fun for me- I highly recommend it to those of you D10_099_Aug_OS_Staff nfsTraci Callandrillo, staff, counseling centerwho might be considering more involvement in SCP, particularly those of you who spend more of your time in practice settings. When I was presented with the opportunity to run for this office, I was flattered to be asked, but also concerned about the sustainability for how I would manage the duties of the EB while working my ‘day job’ in a university counseling center. And as this experience winds down for me, I can reflect back that the extra tasks on my to-do list do not capture what I’ve gained from this gig. Counseling Psychology is a field of diverse, curious, engaged, and authentic professionals. We don’t always see things the same way, but we tend to stay connected as we work through our differences, and our leadership reflects this, in the best ways.  As we are coming up on our main event for the year, I’d like to focus as well on some highlights scheduled for the Convention in August. We have several interesting practice-related events that I’d like to emphasize and especially encourage you to attend.


Most significantly, the Best Practice Address this year is another can’t miss event! Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham will be this year’s distinguished speaker. She will give a talk entitled “Practicing in the Margins,” which is scheduled for Saturday August 8, 10-10:50 am in Convention Centre Room 707.  This talk occurs in the same program hour as our Best Science Address, so be sure to attend as we continue our fantastic showcase program of the best in Counseling Psychology.


Beyond this talk, practice-focused programming will have a significant presence through scheduled events in the hospitality suite as well as general SCP-sponsored Convention programming.

I hope to see you in Toronto in August. And wishing you a restful and restorative summer until then!


Traci E. Callandrillo, Ph.D.
American University


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