Section for the Promotion of Psychotherapy Science – Summer 2015

Membership Call!

Are you a student or a professional interested in how therapy works? The Division 17 Section for the Promotion of Psychotherapy Science (SPPS) is experiencing a renaissance – come join APA2014_24or rejoin us! There are no dues required and member benefits include access to our website, listserv, and connection with a community of students and professionals dedicated to enhancing our understanding of what works in the practice of individual, couples, family, and group therapy!

Joining is easy! You can visit our website to join or you may contact Brian Pace,, student representative for SPPS to be added to our group!

Roundtable Discussion at APA Toronto!

Are you a therapy practitioner? Are you a therapy researcher? Are you both? Has this been sustainable, or did you have to give one up? Please join us for “Sharing Wisdom — Doing Therapy While Doing Research on Therapy” a roundtable discussion focused on the joys and challenges of making a career in both the science and practice of therapy work. Dr. Jill Paquin, Chair of the Section for the Promotion of Psychotherapy Science (SPPS) has curated a round table discussion among expert psychotherapy researchers discussing the challenges, rewards, and ethics involved in doing both therapy AND research on therapy. This is an opportunity for experts, early and middle career psychologists to discuss and learn from one another about how others have done it, why they do it, what barriers they face, and how they have negotiated their development as both a clinician and a researcher. Please join members of the SPPS board and other experts for this discussion including: Drs. Margit Berman, Doris Chang, Micki Friedlander, Charlie Gelso, Zac Imel, Jim Lichtenberg, Tak Minami, Jesse Owen, Jeff Reese, Terry Tracey, Wonjin Sim, and Norah Slone. Thursday, August 6th, 2015 3:00-3:50pm, Convention Centre Constitution Hall 105

Congratulations to Jim Lichtenberg who has been awarded the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to psychotherapy science from the Section for the Promotion of Psychotherapy Science.

Jill D. Paquin, PhD
Section Chair
Chatham University

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