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IMG_1186We are excited and delighted to report that our Section Board and Committees are preparing a number of meetings and presentations at the upcoming APA Convention in Toronto. We will also be celebrating our Section’s 10th Year Anniversary during our Welcome Breakfast Meeting on August 6, 2015. Please join us as the International Section celebrates its 10th birthday and starts a new decade!


August 6, 2015

On Thursday morning, we will host our annual International Scholars Welcome & Orientation Breakfast to greet international scholars and attendees. During this meeting, we will announce the winners of our 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award, Excellent Contribution Award, and Graduate Student Outstanding Research Award. In addition, we will celebrate our Section’s 10th Year Anniversary. Our Section’s Co-Founders, Dr. Larry Gerstein and Puncky Heppner, have been invited to give a talk at our celebration. Furthermore, we are holding an election for the positions of Co-Chairs Elect, Secretary, and U.S.-based Membership Co-Officer. The election results will be announced on our listserv and website, as well as during the Welcome Breakfast Meeting. Finally, we will discuss our Bylaws amendments to include the Chair of the International Mentoring & Orientation Committee (IMOC) on our Governing Board.


Following the Welcome Breakfast Meeting, IMOC will hold the annual Roundtable discussions for international students in Counseling Psychology. In addition, our International Psychology Practitioners Committee (IPPC) will hold a meeting for practitioners in United States with international backgrounds.


During the Division 17 Section Roundtables session, we will sponsor and co-sponsor the following Roundtables with the Supervision & Training Section and Society for Vocational Psychology: (1) Expanding counseling trainees’ multicultural competence in working with international students (by Seo, H., & Yakunina, E.); (2) A multicultural feminist approach to international students’ challenges in supervision and training (by Sahai, N., Cavalhieri, & Wang, Y.-W.); (3) Reentry experiences and transition process for international students/scholars (by Yaaqeib, S., Alhmoudi, S., & Al-Darmaki, F.R.R.); (4) Professional and personal transition of international students/scholars returning home (by Suzuki, H., Choi, K.-H., & Wang, Y.-W.); and (5) Understanding work issues for world citizens in the 21st century (by Blustein, D., Buzukashvili, T., Cinamon, R.G., Flum, H., Hwang, B.J., Ngoubene-Atioky, A., Suzuki, H., & Wang, Y.-W.).


After the Roundtable session, we will co-sponsor the Division 17 Student Poster session. One poster was accepted by our Section, titled “Perception on Hakbeol privilege and experiences with classism among Korean college students” (by Loh, Y.).



August 7, 2015

We will co-sponsor an inter-sectional symposium on “Women’s work issues in international health and economic contexts” with the Society for Vocational Psychology, Society for the Advancement of Women, and Health Psychology Section. Also, three international psychology networks—Korean, Japanese, and Taiwan Psychology Networks—will hold a joint networks meeting in the Hospitality Suite. In addition, our IPPC members will be delivering a workshop on “How to start private practice on the side as a counseling psychologist” (by Hwang, B.J., & Li, Y.).


August 8, 2015

We will hold our Section Business Meeting for our members and anyone who is interested in joining and being involved in our Section. Following the meeting, we will sponsor an inter-sectional symposium on “Culturally responsive interventions within university counseling centers” with the Section on Ethnic & Racial Diversity, the Section on College & University Counseling Centers, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Issues Section. Several members of our Section Board and Committee Chairs will give a presentation on “Outreach programs for international students across universities: Celebrating inclusion & diversity” (by Yakunina, E., Seo, H., Hwang, B.J., Weigold, I., & Wang, Y.-W.). Also on this day, our IPPC members will be delivering a symposium on “Pursuing a career as an international practitioner at a university counseling center”(by Park-Saltzman, J., Yakunina, E., Lee, J., Seo, H., Daruwalla, S., & Hwang, B. J.).


August 9, 2015

Finally, we will co-sponsor an inter-divisional symposium on “Increasing supervisor competence in religious and spiritual issues” with the Div. 17 Supervision & Training Section, Div. 17 Special Interest Group in Religion/Spiritual Issues, and Div. 36 Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. Our Section will contribute a paper on “How to increase supervisees’ competence in working with survivors of sexual violence and religious/spiritual trauma” (by Wang, Y.-W.).


Please check our website: for our events and presentations at the APA Convention. We very much look forward to seeing you and having many of your joining us in Toronto!


Yu-Wei Wang, Ph.D.

Co-Chair, International Section

Southern Illinois University



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