Section on Health Psychology – January 2016

The Health Psychology Section is dedicated to the science and practice of counseling psychology in health related contexts. Its general purpose is

  • To support the role of counseling psychologists as active participants in the field of health psychology, disease prevention, health education, behavioral medicine, rehabilitation, and related areas and to provide a forum for individuals interested in health related areas to exchange ideas and network with one another.
  • To promote and support the education and training of counseling psychologists who are interested in health related fields.


Larra Petersen-LukendaIn line with the themes posed by APA and Division 17, there were robust offerings focused on the education and application of Counseling Health Psychology in Toronto this year. Some noteworthy Section activities occurring in the Division 17 Hospitality Suite included the annual past Chairs and past Booz Black Award Recipients breakfast and annual executive board business meeting, as well as an open meeting to encourage the exchange of ideas about current and future trends relevant to the Section. During this time, we reviewed the status of current workgroups, particularly discussing the needs of our membership in an electronic word. We identified some methods of improving our Section outreach via an improved website. We also discussed the growth of integrative healthcare models and population health management. The discussion was lively and indicative of exciting future opportunities for Counseling Health Psychologists. Additionally, the Section hosted a presentation on To Board or Not to Board: Preparation and Processes for ABPP. Speakers included Richard Sieme, Ph.D., ABPP of Mayo Clinic, who is current President of the American Board for Clinical Health Psychology and Dr. Anne Dobmeyer, Ph.D., ABPP of the United States Public Health Service, who is the Past President of the American Board for Clinical Health Psychology, and also Dr. Mary O’Leary Wiley, Ph.D., ABPP, of Wiley Corporation who is President Elect of the American Board for Counseling Health Psychology. The information presented was quite an educational opportunity for our members’ professional development and the Section is grateful to Dr. Seime and Dr. Dobmeyer, and Dr O’Leary-Wiley for the expertise and collaboration occurring during these activities.


In addition, during the Convention, the Section hosted a roundtable entitled chaired by Christina Lee, Ph.D. with myself as the discussant and is entitled Establishing and Conducting Practice Based Research in Community Primary Care. The Roundtable included the following presentations by:

  • Janelle Alabiso on Patient Satisfaction Surveys in Community Primary Care
  • Daniel Gittens-Stone on Using a Population Health Model


Likewise, members of the Health Psychology Section worked hard to align with other Division 17 colleagues interested in health to prepare Symposiums that highlight both the Section mission and goals of Division 17. The first Symposium was a collaborative proposal with the Sections for University Counseling Centers and Supervision and Training and was chaired by Annette Kluck with Donald Nicholas as the discussant and was titled Integrative Behavioral Health in Counseling Psychology Training. The Symposium included the following presentations by:

  • Eve Adams, Ph.D. on Enhancing Counseling Psychology Trainees: Self-Efficacy for Culturally-Competent Integrated Care
  • Christina Lee, Ph.D on Establishing Practice-Based Research in Community Primary Care
  • Lisa Ferdinand, Ph.D. on Models for Integrated Healthcare Training at University Counseling Centers


The second was a collaborative Symposium with the Section for Vocational Psychology and was chaired by Saba Rasheed Ali, PhD and Debra Mollen, Ph.D. with Yu-Wei Wang, PhD as the discussant and was titled Women’s Work Issues in International Health, and Economic Contexts. The Symposium included the following presentations by:

  • Trisha L Raque-Bogdan, PhD on Women’s Career Development after an Illness: An Application of SCCT and Career Construction Theory
  • Elizabeth Sauber on Predicting economic self-sufficiency among intimate partner violence Survivors
  • Soad Mahfouz on Gottfredson’s (1981) Theory of Circumscription and Compromise with Egyptian Undergraduates


The final symposium was chaired by Nicole Borges and myself with Mary Ann Hoffman as the discussant and was titled The Role of Self-Compassion in Women’s Health Experiences: A Tool for Improving Women’s Lives. The Symposium included the following presentations by:

  • Kathryn S Ziemer, PhD on Self-Compassion Writing Interventions with Women with Chronic Pain;
  • Trisha Raque-Bogdan, PhD on Self-Compassion in the Experience of Primary and secondary infertility; and
  • Kayi Hui, PhD on Attachment Styles and Body Appreciation: Exploring the Role of Self-Compassion.


Finally, the Section was pleased to honor Joseph Giardino as the Student Research Award Winner who was a graduate student in Counseling Psychology at Fordham University. His paper was entitled The Impact of Weight Stigma on Decisions About Weight Loss Surgery. This competitive award is given each year to a student affiliate of Division 17 who has completed a research project on a Counseling Psychology and health topic. His advisor was Merle Keitel, Ph.D. of Fordham University.


During the past year, the section focused on activities related to prevention and health. I would like to thank everyone serving in roles for the Section, the work discussed would certainly not be possible without the talent and time of these individuals.  In the upcoming year, the Section will continue a focus on integrative healthcare, including interdisciplinary team based care. For more information about the Health Psychology Section, ongoing activities, or membership, please visit our website at


Larra Petersen-Lukenda, Ph.D.

Chair, Health Psychology Section

Nebraska Health Network





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