Highlights of the 2014 Annual Executive Board Meeting

APA2014_59The SCP Executive Board (EB) met for a late afternoon and evening just before APA Convention in August and also held a conference call in September. Highlights of the EB’s decisions include important collaborations with other groups:

  • The EB voted to endorse Division 37’s Interdivisional Task Force for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • VP for Practice Traci Callandrillo invited visitors from the APA Practice Directorate for a discussion of ways the Practice Directorate can address issues specific to Counseling Psychology
  • VP for Education Marie Miville updated the EB on recent discussions in the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs (CCPTP) about ways to provide education about master’s accreditation options for Counseling Psychology programs

And a few decisions made about our awards and communications:

  • The EB accepted the recommendations of a STG led by Past-Presidents Louise Douce and Linda Forrest to update the criteria and procedures for the Leona Tyler Award and revise the title of the award to The Leona Tyler Award for Lifetime Achievement in Counseling Psychology. (FYI- Nov. 15 is the deadline to nominate for professional awards).
  • President Michael Mobley will charge a Special Task Group (STG) with determining a clear process for sections who wish to start a journal, to enhance collaboration with the EB and The Counseling Psychologist.
  • After the September conference call, the EB voted not to forward the prevention journal proposal to APA’s Publications and Communications Board at this time.
  • On the recommendation from the Communications Policy STG (based on your input on the survey), the EB voted to create an SCP Facebook Group with a Social Media Coordinator. Watch for the chance to join the Group in the coming months!

The full minutes of the EB meeting can be found here. Our next meeting will be held just following the National Multicultural Conference & Summit (NMCS) in January. Registration for NMCS is now open!

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