Div17.org Re-Launches!

On October 1st, 2012 SCP re-launched their new  Div17.org website. The site features a re-vamped design, improved navigation, professional photography and new content management system.  This year-long initiative was managed by Dr. Aaron Rochlen, Director of the Communication and Technology Board for the Division.

Aaron Rochlen
Director of Communication and Technology Board

The project was conducted in collaboration with the Executive Board and with the support of Past-President, Barry Chung.  With the new updates in place,  changes to content will be made with greater ease and reduced cost.

Reflecting on the many steps required to bring the project to fruition, Dr. Rochlen noted, “Many of us recognized  a need and opportunity to promote our division more effectively. I’m thrilled with the end product and look forward to more changes in the future.”

The website will soon include member-only pages, allowing for improved internal communication and documentation.  Long term plans include  increased use of video, surveys, and potentially a practice-member directory.

The following Division members played an enormous role as members of the website re-design team for SCP:

Meghan Davidson, Melanie Lantz, J. Russell Couch, Dominick Scalise, Joe Hammer, and Ruperto “Toti” Perez.

Debra Nolan and Greg Books, Division 51 Staff members, also provided critical assistance.

Commenting on the significance of the improved website, SCP President Andy Horne said, “the webpage is our digital face, the place people turn for information and engagement, and it has to be a great social connector.  We believe the new webpage succeeds at this goal and we are proud of all who contributed to making it happen.”

Joe Hammer, a student member and doctoral student at Iowa State University will be serving the Society in the role as Webmaster.    SCP is indebted to Mike Schaub who previously served in this role since 2008.


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