Counseling Psychologists Respond to Injustice against African Americans

Counseling Psychologists Respond to Injustice against African Americans

The past few weeks, the latest violence against Black men and failures of justice for African Americans have filled our newsfeeds. As Counseling Psychologists, committed to social justice, we have been responding locally, virtually, and nationally to the crisis.

  • Our VP of Diversity and Public Interest, Anneliese Singh, with her Advisory Board, provided an excellent list of resources for teaching, prevention, and activism.
  • Milo Dodson, our new Social Media Coordinator, is finalizing the new Division 17 Facebook Group so that we can join together there.
  • The Presidential Cabinet and Anneliese Singh are discussing official actions SCP can take to respond (watch for T-shirts at NMCS).

And we know that many of you are attending protests, organizing social media campaigns, writing blogs (see Kevin Cokley’s and Jameca Falconer’s), providing social-justice-oriented therapy, and processing these events in your classrooms.

For those of us attending the National Multicultural Conference & Summit in Atlanta next month, we will meet together there. In the meantime, we can connect on Facebook and the listservs, take care of ourselves, and keep working toward justice. Watch this space for more developments.

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