2016 SCP Election Results

Dear SCP Members,

I am writing to share with you the 2016 SCP Election results. First, I
want to commend and express our gratitude for all candidates on our 2016APA2014_7
SCP ballot! Each was committed to sharing their unique talents, abilities
and qualities of leadership within SCP!

I invite you to congratulate the following new incoming SCP leaders:

SCP President-Elect –  Arpana Inman

SCP V.P. Communications and Technology  –  Louise Douce

SCP Treasurer  –  Susan Kashubeck-West

SCP V.P. for Education and Training  –  Michael Scheel

SCP APA Council Representative (Minority-Slate)  –  William Parham

We look forward to their significant and meaningful contributions,
engagements, and promotion of SCP values and goals for members!


SCP Past President
Chair, Nominations Committee

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