Importance of TCP to SCP

Dear SCP colleagues:

I’m writing to encourage you to submit your scholarly work to The Counseling Psychologist. As you know, TCP is the scholarly voice of our Society of Counseling Psychology, but many of you may not know that TCP also plays a vital role in the financial health of our SCP. The financial statement that was distributed at the SCP business meeting at APA showed that TCP’s revenue in 2017, at nearly $300,000, made up 75% of the SCP’s overall revenue in 2017.

A major way you can help is to view TCP as the first outlet-of-choice to submit your best scholarly work. As you can see with the data above, the health of SCP is tightly correlated with the health of TCP. Publishing high quality papers in TCP will increase its Impact Factor and thus help to increase SCP’s revenue.

I realize that there are many other journals where you can submit your manuscripts. However, the revenues that those journals earn do not come to or support SCP and only TCP’s revenue does.

As the incoming editor of TCP, I know that I play a role in the stewardship of TCP. However, I’d like all of us to think of ourselves as stewards of TCP and help to maintain and increase the strength of TCP and therefore that of SCP.

I have been handling manuscripts since May 1. In terms of the review process, my goals are (1) to send a decision within six weeks of submission and (2) for revised papers, to make a final decision after no more than two rounds (rarely, three rounds but this should be a very minor revision). Of course, submit-to-decision time is dependent on reviewers’ quick turnaround (I’ll do my best ensure that our reviewers submit their reviews within three weeks), but what I can guarantee is that I’ll send a decision letter within 2-3 days after I receive all of the reviews.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about TCP, its role in SCP, and the review process. I very much look forward to receiving your best submissions.

thank you,


Incoming Editor of TCP


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