Derald Wing Sue Award for Distinguished Contributions to Multicultural Counseling

We are pleased to invite nominations for the Derald Wing Sue Award for Distinguished Contributions to Multicultural Counseling in honor of Professor Sue’s substantial contributions to the field. Dr. Derald Wing Sue was awarded this distinction in 2017. This is the inaugural invitation for nominations following his receipt of the award in 2017.

Deadline for Nominations: March 1, 2018

This Award is named in honor of Professor Derald Wing Sue, a leader and pioneer of multicultural counseling in the Society of Counseling Psychology as well as the profession of Psychology. The Award, to be given annually, recognizes an individual counseling psychologist who has made career contributions to the advancement of the science, practice, or training in the field of multicultural counseling. The award and its associated monetary prize is voted annually by the Society/Division 17 Executive Board at its mid-year meeting. Announcement of the Award winner is made at the annual APA convention. The procedures to be followed in the nomination of candidates, selection of an Award winner, and presentation of the Award are detailed below.

Derald Wing Sue Award for Distinguished Contributions to Multicultural Counseling was established to honor distinguished contributions to multicultural counseling.1   Recipients of the Award should have an established record of scientific or professional contributions to the research or practice of multicultural counseling.  Such contributions are typically made through publications of either research or theory or through documented professional practice in multicultural counseling. Contributions to science are typically made through publication of either research findings or theory that generates research.  Contributions to practice are typically evidence by the documented application of multicultural counseling theory and/or research to psychological and developmental issues. The populations served could be individuals, couples, groups, organizations, supervisees and/or trainees.  In either case, the contribution to multicultural counseling shall be substantial and significant so that it has made an impact on the field and practicing psychologists outside the state/region shall be aware of the individual’s contributions.

Nominations for the Award are to be in the form of a letter that makes the nomination, and discusses the significance of the nominee’s contributions to the practice of Counseling Psychology. The nominee’s vita and no more than three (3) letters of support should be included. Supporting documentation (e.g., newspaper articles, workshop brochures, publications) that indicate widespread awareness or recognition of the nominee’s contributions may accompany the nomination letter or be solicited by the nominator. Please check the Society’s website for the deadline and additional details:

Send materials via email to the Co-Chairs of the SCP Awards and Recognition Committee,  No faxes or mailed submissions will be accepted. If you do not have access to email, please collaborate with a colleague who does have access.

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