Dr. Rosie Philips Davis Clarifies Mental Illness and Mass Shootings on CNN’s New Day

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, APA President, Dr. Rosie Philips Davis responded to President Trump’s claims about mental illness and mass shootings. Dr. Davis asserted that mental illness does not account for a person’s choice to commit a mass shooting. Blaming mental illness is inaccurate and moves us farther from finding a solution. Instead, research demonstrates that individuals who struggle with mental disorders are more likely to be victims of violent acts. Consequently, Dr. Davis emphasized the importance of investigating complex issues such as hate, bigotry, and radicalized groups which can motivate individuals to commit acts of terror.


Amanda Sivoney Rodriguez, B.A. (she/her) is a graduate student in the counseling psychology program at Texas A&M International University. Amanda serves as a member of the student advisory committee for Division 17’s Section for the Advancement of Women.

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