Dorothy Espelage

November 3, 2014
Illinois Researchers Develop Social Sensing Game to Detect Classroom Bullies
Press release in University of Illinois News Bureau

October 7, 2014
Researchers and Schools Diverge in Definitions of Bullying
Education Week

October 2, 2014
Youth Suicide and Bullying: What’s the Connection
Oxford University Press blog

September 29, 2014
Psychologist offers Insight on Bullying and How to Prevent It interview

September 16, 2014
School Staff’s Role in Preventing Bullying and Sexual Harassment

A Parent’s Impact on Bullying
Kids in the House Video Interview

May 8, 2013
Why it is hard to monitor bullying at schools – Report
Washington Post

August 4, 2013
Studies show how cyberbullying concerns have been overstated
USA Today

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