THE QUINTESSENCE SERIES – Interview with Dr. Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky

The quintessence series spotlights the work of counseling psychologists involved in interdisciplinary and international settings. This interview series follows the journey and contributions of professionals, students, and trainees who are dedicating their careers to applying counseling psychology values in diverse settings. This series introduces counseling psychology students to a wide range of career paths in addition to academia and practice. The quintessence series was created by Urvi Paralkar.

This month, the quintessence series spotlights the work of Dr. Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky. She is well-known for her service and research contributions to the field of international mental health.

Click HERE to see a dynamic info-graphic that spotlight’s Dr. Roysircar-Sodowsky’s international and interdisciplinary endeavors.

Dr. Roysircar’s publications can be accessed here:

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