The 2016 Society of Counseling Psychology Fellows

Congratulations to the 2016 Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP) Fellows. SCP annually accepts nominations for the honorable distinction of SCP fellow. Fellowship status is granted to nominated members who have made exceptional contributions to the field of psychology APA15 pres address 2that are recognizable on a national level. Individuals selected for fellowship in SCP have exhibited significant performance that advances the mission of the society. This year’s SCP fellows have made significant contributions to the field as practitioners, researchers, and social justice advocates, exemplified in their scientific efforts and publications, training of future scientist- practitioners, and professional service.

Each year the SCP fellows have an opportunity to give an address at the APA Convention sharing the highlights of their professional journey in counseling psychology and their visions for the future of the field.  Watch for information on when the 2016 SCP Fellows Address will be held at next year’s APA Convention.

“Current” 2016 SCP Fellows are those who have previously achieved APA fellowship status within another APA Division or Divisions, and have now also achieved fellowship status within Division 17.  “New” 2016 SCP Fellows are those who are achieving APA fellowship status for the first time–we’re glad you did it with us in Division 17!

The 2016 “New” SCP Fellows:

Bianca Bernstein
Donald Nicholas
Jacqueline Gray
Joel Wong
Michael Shahnasarian
Nicole Borges
Patrick Rottinghaus
Sherry Rostosky

The 2016 “Current” SCP Fellows:
Ayse Ciftci
Keith Herman
Nathan Grant Smith
Rodney L. Lowman
Stefania Aegisdottir
Sarah Knox
Aaron Rochlen

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