The 2015 Society of Counseling Psychology Fellows

IMG_1324Congratulations to the 2015 Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP) Fellows. SCP annually accepts nominations for the honorable distinction of SCP fellow. Fellowship status is granted to nominated members who have made exceptional contributions to the field of psychology that are recognizable on a national level. Individuals selected for fellowship in SCP have exhibited significant performance that advances the mission of the society. This year’s SCP fellows have made significant contributions to the field as practitioners, researchers, and social justice advocates, exemplified in their scientific efforts and publications, training of future scientist- practitioners, and professional service.

Each year the SCP fellows have an opportunity to give an address at the APA Convention sharing the highlights of their professional journey in counseling psychology and their visions for the future of the field. The 2015 SCP Fellows address will be held on Friday August 7th, 4:00pm-6:00pm, Convention Centre, Room 701A. The following SCP fellows will be giving addresses:

Michael Scheel

Suzanne Lease

Angela M. Byars-Winston

Saba Rasheed Ali

Lisa Flores

Sally Hage

Amy Reynolds

Eve Adams

Lisa Spanierman

Robert Morgan

Tania Israel

The following 2015 SCP fellows were unable to give addresses at this year’s APA convention and have provided statements regarding the honor of being selected as an SCP fellow, the role models who have influenced them personally and professionally, and their perceptions of the current state of the field of counseling psychology. Please click on “SCP Fellow Address” for each person to read their statements.

Dik picture

Bryan J. Dik

SCP Fellow Address

Liang pixBelle Liang

SCP Fellow Address


Kristin Perrone McGovern

SCP Fellow Address

Martens pixMatthew P. Martens

SCP Fellows Address

McWhirter pixBenedict T. McWhirter

SCP Fellow Address

Sampson pixJames P. Sampson Jr.

SCP Fellow Address

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