Congratulations to Dr. Roberta L. Nutt for Receiving the 2018 CCPTP Presidential Citation

Dr. Roberta L. Nutt was honored for her long-standing, unwavering devotion and commitment to counseling psychology education and training at the 2018 annual APA convention by the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs (CCPTP). Dr. Nutt has a distinguished career in counseling psychology as a faculty member, the founding training director of the counseling psychology program at Texas Woman’s University, and as training director of the counseling psychology program at the University of Houston. Over the course of her career, Dr. Nutt has served as a training director for a total of 39 years. She is also a past president of APA Divisions 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) and 43 (Society for Family Psychology), and a past chair of the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. She holds fellow status in APA and seven of its divisions and ASPPB and is ABPP board certified in counseling psychology and family psychology.

Dr. Nutt is also recognized as a pioneer on women’s issues in psychology. She was one of the authors of the “Principles Concerning the Counseling and Psychotherapy of Women” (1979) and “The Division 17 Principles: Rationale and Implementation” (1986). Dr. Nutt’s invaluable contribution as one of the tri-chairs of the Division 17/35 Taskforce on Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Women and Girls has had a tremendous impact on counseling psychology training and the promotion of the status of women in psychology. As a former president of APA Division 17, Society of Counseling Psychology, Dr. Nutt initiated groundbreaking work when she appointed a Taskforce on Integrating Practice Guidelines into Professional Training, resulting in a major contribution in The Counseling Psychologist that ultimately won the 2009 TCP Outstanding Publication Award. In recognition of her everlasting commitment and unwavering devotion to counseling psychology education and training, Dr. Y. Barry Chung, President of the CCPTP, presented Dr. Roberta L. Nutt with the Presidential Citation on August 11, 2018.

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