New SAS Blog

Dear SAS Members,

As we endeavor to better ourselves and our skills in our roles as students, we on the Executive Board strive to keep up with the times in our interactions with our members. Our newsletter, which has been a means for all of SAS to share information and ideas, likewise requires an update. To better meet the needs of our members, be more accessible, and to continue to produce the wonderful content our newsletter has demonstrated, we are going digital. Our newsletter is now a blog!

This blog will house all of the content previously shared in the newsletter, and this new format will allow new content to be posted biweekly or monthly rather than once a semester. The SAS blog will provide members with articles about professional development, personal journeys, social justice issues, research developments, and grant and conference opportunities. Additionally, we will highlight regional coordinators, members of the Executive Board, and award recipients. This is an opportunity for all SAS members to share their thoughts about graduate school lives, and to reach other members with their experiences.

To submit an article, please send drafts and inquiries to Kristen Reser at Please aim for no more than 1000 words for your articles. In addition, please submit a photo of yourself as well as your credentials and current program.

We look forward to your contributions as we roll out this new format!


Kristen Reser, M. A.
SAS Blog Coordinator
Ball State University



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