SCP Treasurer Resource Guide for Sections, SIGs, and Committees

Handbook for Division Officers

The American Psychological Association (APA) publishes a resource book for division officers (.html) and the document includes comprehensive information on APA structure and function, governance, funds, fellows, and more. For treasurers, chapter 6 includes particular information on division funds, dues, and financial services.

Working with APA Offices

In your role as the treasurer, you will be primarily interacting with three APA offices including Division Accounting, Division Services, and the Travel Office.

APA Division Accounting

APA provides financial services to divisions and sections to support your role as a treasurer. You may be working with Accounting Staff to process reimbursement requests* and you will be receiving reports periodically (e.g., quarterly, end of calendar year) on your group’s finances prepared by the staff. All financial records are stored with their office and tax filing, such as 1099s, are prepared and filed for the division.

  • APA Financial Services publishes a 54-page document with information on division finances (.pdf)— including services, service utilization chart, accounting services and financial reporting, sample reports, chart of accounts, important finance practices, grants and contracts, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, group tax returns, forms and samples.
  • To contact APA Division Accounting, send email to

*SCP Treasurer will manage the reimbursement requests if you are accessing SCP budgeted funds.

APA Division Services

Division services support all divisions and its sections by handling bylaw amendments, generating monthly membership reports and quarterly reports, and other division-specific business.

APA Travel Service – ATC Travel

APA recently moved to a new travel service – ATC Travel.  For those divisions who utilize APA’s travel agency to book leadership/member travel where the cost will be covered by the division, there is now a new process to utilize.  A member of your group who is provided travel funding by APA, the Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP), or your group within SCP, may wish to make travel arrangements through the APA Travel Service. Doing so allows the cost of the travel to be billed directly to APA, SCP, or your group within SCP, rather than carrying the charge for this travel expense on a personal credit card until it can be reimbursed by the sponsoring group. Below are some helpful tips on booking air travel through the APA Travel Service:

  • Since most APA-related meetings are scheduled several months in advance, APA advises members to book their travel arrangements more than 60 days in advance.
  • In the event of last-minute arrangements, members can consult with APA Travel Service regarding available “free” tickets that the Association negotiated with the airlines.
  • To make arrangements for air travel through the Travel Service, please contact SCP treasurer or

ATC TRAVEL – Division Member Traveler Instructions

  • Online Booking Tool (recommended) –
    • New Users will receive an email from Deem@work ( providing you with a unique link to login to APA’s travel portal and to set up a profile.  Existing users can visit to log in and book travel.  
    • When using the online tool to book your travel, you will need to:
      • Select a meeting from the dropdown menu.  If you do not see your division’s meeting, please choose Miscellaneous Member Travel.
      • Choose APADIV from the dropdown menu (this indicate the proper credit card that should be charged so charges are routed back to your division.)
  • Contact Agents Directly: If you’d prefer to contact ATC Travel Management directly, you may do so via (703) 252-6004; (800) 458-9383 or  Hours at ATC Travel Management are M-F, 8:30 am – 7:00 pm, Eastern time.  Please provide agents with:
    • Division XX at the American Psychological Association
    • Your meeting dates
    • If emailing your request, you should provide your gender, date of birth, and the name as it appears on your government issued ID, phone contact the day of travel, email address, and seat preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click on Question for Answer)

[expand title=”When should I use the SCP ERR form and when should I use the APA Reimbursement/Disbursement Request form?” elwraptag=”li”]
If you would like to access money from SCP-budgeted funds (e.g., paying for the purchase of an award plaque), please use the SCP Expenditure Reimbursement Request (ERR). Please send the completed SCP ERR form along with original receipts to the SCP Treasurer for processing.

If you would like to access money from your section’s accounts (e.g., income generated from membership dues to pay for business meeting expenses), please use the APA Reimbursement-Disbursement Form (MS Excel Version; Adobe PDF Version). Please be sure to include your section’s name or number on the top of the form. You can send the request along with original receipts directly to APA Accounting for processing.

Please consult with the SCP Treasurer if you have any questions regarding which funds you plan to access for your section. You can also contact APA Accounting for information regarding available funds in your section’s accounts.
[expand title=”Are there any specific instructions for submitting receipts for reimbursements?” elwraptag=”li”]
Yes, please follow the steps below to help the SCP Treasurer with processing all the reimbursement requests:

  1. Tape the original receipts to a piece of paper.
  2. Make 2 copies of the sheet with the original receipts.
  3. Make two copies of the completed SCP Expenditure Reimbursement Request (ERR) form (.pdf).
  4. Forward both the sheet with the original receipts and the completed SCP ERR Form, along with one copy of each, to the SCP Treasurer (address is on bottom of SCP reimbursement request form).
  5. Keep a copy of the receipts and the completed SCP ERR form for your group’s records.
  6. Make sure receipts reflect that a payment has been received and the transaction completed.

[expand title=”Does SCP reimburse for meals with no receipts (e.g., using a per diem reimbursement method?)” elwraptag=”li”]
No, SCP requires receipts for all reimbursement requests and does not provide per diem reimbursement for meals.
[expand title=”Our Section, SIG, or Committee was approved for funding from SCP. How do I access the budgeted funds?” elwraptag=”li”]

If you belong to a group to which funds have been budgeted (e.g., SCP Section, SCP SIG, SCP Committee), be aware of which person within your group is responsible for dealing with SCP budget issues (e.g., submitting reimbursement requests). Typically, such a designated person would be the Treasurer in an SCP Section, and the Chair of an SCP SIG or SCP Committee. If you are unclear about what person within your group serves in this role, please consult with the SCP Treasurer. Individuals who serve in roles that have been allocated funds by SCP (e.g., SCP Representatives to APA Council) submit reimbursement requests directly to the SCP Treasurer.

Information about how much your group has been allocated for the current year by SCP is available in the SCP Budget & Expenses document, which can be obtained from the SCP Treasurer. The designated person in each group (e.g., SCP Section Treasurer) is responsible for keeping track how much of the allocated funds have been spent by the group during a particular year.

To submit an expense for reimbursement from the funds allocated within the SCP budget, the SCP Expenditure Reimbursement Request (ERR) form (.pdf) should be completed. For SCP groups, this form should be completed by the designated individual (e.g., Section Treasurer) within the SCP group, regardless if another person in that group made the purchase.

  1. The most recent version of the SCP ERR form can be accessed by visiting the SCP website.
  1. Make sure receipts reflect that a payment has been received and the financial transaction completed.
  1. Tape the original receipts to a piece (or multiple pieces) of paper. Make 2 copies of the sheet(s) with the original receipts. Make two copies of the completed SCP ERR form. Keep a copy of the receipts and the completed SCP ERR form for your records.
  1. For “Budget line to be charged:” please specify the line item of the SCP budget under which this expense falls. For instance, for a reimbursement for an expense associated with an SCP SIG, “701: Special Interest Group (SIG)” would be entered on this line. If you do not know what specific SCP budget line the expense falls under, this information can be left blank and completed by the SCP Treasurer.

The SCP ERR form and all required documentation (e.g., receipts) should be mailed to the SCP Treasurer for processing. Forward both the sheet(s) with the original receipts and the original SCP ERR form, along with one copy of each, to the SCP Treasurer. The current mailing address for the SCP Treasurer is included on the bottom of the ERR form.

Typically, since original receipts are needed by APA for reimbursement, hard copies of all documentation should be forwarded to the SCP Treasurer through regular mail (i.e., not emailed). However, if all associated receipts are electronic in their original format, then all documentation can be forwarded to the SCP Treasurer via email.

The SCP Treasurer will submit reimbursement request to APA Division Accounting.
[expand title=”How do I seek reimbursement or disbursement of funds that my section has that are separate from SCP-budgeted funds?” elwraptag=”li”]

If you section has separate accounts for funds generated from membership dues or donations, you do not submit the reimburse requests to the SCP treasurer in order to use these funds.  The section president or treasurer can approve the reimbursement requests and submit it directly to APA accounting. To access the funds in your section’s accounts, please complete the APA Reimbursement-Disbursement Form (MS Excel Version; Adobe PDF Version), then mail it with original receipts to APA Division Accounting using the address at the top of the APA Disbursement-Reimbursement Form. Please be sure to include your section’s name or number on the top of the form.
[expand title=”Our Section, SIG, or Committee has selected awardees, what do I do to provide monetary awards from SCP-budged funds?” elwraptag=”li”]
A monetary award can be given to the recipient by 1) mailing a check directly to the awardee, 2) mailing a check to the SCP group representative who would then present the award, or 3) to reimburse the awardee for travel expenses already accrued.

  • If you are giving a check to awardee(s) directly in the mail:
    1. The person receiving this award will need to complete either a W-9 form (if US citizen; .pdf) or W-8BEN form (if not a US citizen; .pdf) for the IRS. Both forms can be downloaded on SCP website.
    2. In addition to the completed IRS form for the award recipient, you will also submit a completed SCP Expenditure Reimbursement Request (ERR) form (.doc or .pdf) to the SCP treasurer. Please list the recipient’s name in the “Make check payable to:” line on the SCP ERR form. Then include the recipient’s name on the “Send to:” line with the recipient’s address, email, and phone number on the next lines.
    3. Then forward the completed IRS form AND the SCP ERR form to the SCP treasurer. The SCP treasurer will then submit the paperwork to APA to have the check sent to the awardee. This can be done before the award is formally presented to the recipient.
  • Alternatively, you may want a representative of your group to present an award check to a recipient at a specific time (e.g., during a formal presentation at a conference), rather than sending the check directly to the recipient.
    1. You will need to submit both the IRS form and the SCP ERR form.
    2. To complete the SCP ERR form for this option, list the recipient’s name in the “Make check payable to:” line on the SCP ERR form. Then include a group representative’s name (e.g., the person who will be presenting the award) on the “Send to:” line and the same representative’s address, email, and phone number on the next lines.
    3. It is recommended to include cover note when you forward these completed disbursement requests explaining how you will be distributing these checks at the convention to those receiving the awards.
    4. In order to receive an award check before the time when it is to be awarded, please submit the completed SCP ERR form for this check to the SCP Treasurer at least two months before the time of the presentation.
  • If you want the awardee to use the award funds to reimburse conference expenses (e.g., travel, hotel expenses):
    1. Provide the awardee with information about reimbursement of travel expenses – see SCP Travel Reimbursement Requests (.pdf).
    2. Wait until after the conference to collect the relevant receipts (e.g., plane fare, hotel room charge) from the awardee to forward with the reimbursement request with a completed SCP ERR form to SCP Treasurer.
    3. The SCP Treasurer will then submit the relevant paperwork to APA to have a check sent to the awardee to reimburse for the expenses. Using this method, it is not necessary to obtain a completed IRS form from the award recipient to submit with your completed SCP ERR form.

[expand title=”What is the appropriate designation for donation?” elwraptag=”li”]
When someone writes a check for donation to the division, both designation of “APA Division 17” or “Society of Counseling Psychology” are acceptable.
[expand title=”How can I avoid any problems with my reimbursement requests for hotel or airfare?” elwraptag=”li”]

  •  If you plan to seek reimbursement for a hotel room, please make sure to get an original receipt of the hotel bill showing a zero balance to submit with your reimbursement request. Note that express checkouts often do not show a zero balance.
  • If you want to get reimbursed for airline fare, you must have a copy of the original receipt from the airlines in order to get reimbursed. When making reservations via the Internet, the receipt that the airline e-mails the buyer is acceptable—a receipt from a general travel site, such as or, is not acceptable. You should be careful to save the receipt, because a copy of just the itinerary without the receipt is not acceptable for reimbursement.
  • For other information and tips about being reimbursed for travel expenses, please see SCP Travel Reimbursement Requests (.pdf)

[expand title=”How often does APA Division Accounting provide a report on our Section’s financial status?” elwraptag=”li”]
APA Division Accounting will provide periodic financial reports (e.g., quarterly, end of calendar year) via e-mail to the section’s treasurer. If you need a more immediate update on your section’s financial accounts, you can also contact APA Division Accounting anytime for a brief financial statement.
[expand title=”What is SCP’s policy on Donations and Sponsorship of Professional Conferences?” elwraptag=”li”]
The Executive Board of the Society of Counseling Psychology, Division 17 of the American Psychological Association, will consider requests from other non-profit professional and educational organizations for donations to and/or sponsorship of regional, national, and international professional conferences.  The Society of Counseling Psychology will only make donations to and consider sponsorship of professional conferences that are consistent with the stated mission of the Society.

A specific budget line will be allocated each year for this purpose with the total amount to be set annually pending availability of funds.

Please note the following procedures for submitting requests:

  • All requests should be made via email attachment and, if possible, be on the professional organization’s letterhead.
  • Requests must be submitted to the Finance Committee via the President at his/her email address listed on the website (
  • Requests must be made at least six months prior to date of the conference and by October 1st of the year before the calendar year in which the conference occurs.
  • Requests will be first considered by the Finance Committee and will later be voted on by the Executive Board of the Society of Counseling Psychology.
  • The Executive Board of SCP will consider requests for donations either at the midyear meeting when the budget is approved for the following year or via email vote.
  • In the case of on-going, regularly held conferences, requests for donations or sponsorship can be made for up to three years.  After that time, a new request must be made in accordance with the procedures outlined in this policy.


For full consideration, requests should include the following:

  • The name, date, and current sponsors of the conference.
  • Names of any current Division 17 members who are involved in organizing the conference and/or involved in the professional organization sponsoring the conference.
  • A brief description of the professional organization sponsoring the conference.
  • A full description of the purposes and format of the conference.
  • Information on how SCP will be acknowledged as a co-sponsor or sponsor of the conference.
  • Information regarding the financial stability of the conference, as well as the proposed uses of the requested funds.
  • Information on the potential participants and/or targeted audience for the conference.
  • Any discounts that may be offered to SCP members and/or student affiliates.
  • The expected outcomes of the conference.
  • A summary of how the conference is consistent with the mission of the Society of Counseling Psychology.
  • A full report to the Executive Board of SCP summarizing the outcomes of any conference funded by this policy is expected within 3 months of the conference.


Requests will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Consistency of the conference purposes with the mission and values of counseling psychology.
  • Extent to which the conference and/or affiliation will further SCP’s ability to meet its strategic goals.
  • Potential impact of the conference on the field of counseling psychology.
  • Extent to which the conference will significantly advance the science and practice of counseling psychology.
  • Degree to which diversity issues are infused in the conference.
  • Degree to which counseling psychologists are expected to participate in the conference.
  • Extent to which the conference offers a unique experience (non-duplication of other conferences).
  • Financial viability of the conference.




All Treasurer-Related Downloads

APA resource book for division officers (.html)

APA Financial Services 54-page document with information on division finances (.pdf)

APA Travel Guidelines (.doc) – please email Susan Kashubeck-West  for a copy

SCP Expenditure Reimbursement Request (ERR) form (.pdf)

APA Reimbursement-Disbursement Form (MS Excel Version; Adobe PDF Version)

W-9 form (if US citizen; .pdf) or W-8BEN form (if not a US citizen; .pdf) for the IRS

SCP Travel Reimbursement Requests (.pdf)

How to access SCP budgeted funds (.pdf)

SCP Policies on Donations and Sponsorship of Professionals Conferences (.pdf)

SCP Instructions for Providing Awards (.pdf)