SCP Communication Policies Special Task Group

The SCP Communication Policies Special Task Group (STG) is charged with reviewing and developing policies for the SCP communications tools. Policy review and development should include consideration of the tools’ current uses, ideas for keeping tools up-to-date and/or for new tools, and the needs of the society related to historical knowledge, access to documents, and current engagement. Current SCP communication tools include: listservs, newsletter, journal, website, Facebook page, and YouTube account.

 STG Tasks:

  • review and/or draft specific goals, policy, and strategy for the use of each communications tool
  • seek input from SCP members and groups
  • present recommendations for policy to the Executive Board (by midwinter 2015)
  • add adopted policies and guidelines to the SCP Handbook and share with sections, SIGs and committees as a resource

STG Members:

Katharine Hahn Oh, Chair
Sonia Carrizales, Student Member
Jean Carter
Ginny Maril
Johanna Nilsson
Michiko Iwasaki, ECP Member
Shari Robinson
Aaron Rochlen