Promoting Nonviolence

APA Division 17 Promotion of Non-Violence STG

Co-Chaired by Lawrence H. Gerstein, Ph.D. & Anneliese Singh, Ph.D.

IMG_1608During Andy Horne’s presidential year (2012-2013), he established the Promotion of Non-Violence STG.

The mission of the Promotion of Non-Violence STG was to highlight the important role of counseling psychologists in creating and maintaining a more just and peaceful world. Members (10 professionals and 16 graduate students) of this STG compiled content (e.g., literature, videos, websites) within and outside of counseling psychology on the promotion of nonviolence along a continuum of intrapersonal to international functioning.

If you have questions about this STG, please contact Lawrence Gerstein ( or Anneliese Singh (

As part of the Promotion of Nonviolence STG, there was a subgroup of graduate students that identified literature and another subgroup of students that generated internet resources on the promotion of nonviolence that counseling psychologists across a variety of settings might find useful in their practice, research, and training.

Ten ways counseling psychologists can integrate a focus on nonviolence in their work were also identified.