Globalization of Counseling Psychology

During Barry Chung’s presidential year (2011-2012) he established the Globalization Special Task Group (STG).


To support the development of international understanding, collaboration, and relationships among counseling psychologists, psychologists, and counselors, both professionals and students, around the globe.


  • Four focus or task groups for professionals collaborate together to explore:
    • Educational, training, and accreditation issues in various countries
    • How to support each other internationally in terms of disaster relief
    • How social, cultural, and political power have shaped the counseling psychology profession in different countries (e.g., focus on policy making, social justice & indigenous counseling development)
    • Multicultural and diversity issues in different countries
  • The membership of these groups was established by mid-September 2011 and involved work throughout the year and was reported on at APA 2012.
  • Development of small international conferences to enhance cross national collaboration
  • Focus/tasks groups for students

STG Members:


Johanna Nilsson, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Li-fei Wang, National Taiwan Normal University

Core Members:

Ayse Çiftçi, Purdue University
Larry Gerstein, Ball State University
Mark Leach, University of Louisville
Chia-Chih (DC) Wang, University of North Texas
Kenneth T. Wang, University of Missouri-Columbia

International Representation:

Fatima AL-Darmaki, United Arab Emirates
Cinamon Rachel Gali, Israel
Salvatore Gati, Italy
Zhi-Jin Hou, China
Majeda Humeidan, United Arab Emirates
Makiko Kasai, Japan
Alvin Leung, Hong Kong
Youngseok Seo, South Korea
Hsiu-Lan Tien, Taiwan

For information contact:

Johanna Nilsson
Li-fei Wang