Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

2012-08-02 15.59.38 EDITEDThe Division 17 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been developed to promote and maintain forums for communication between persons sharing a common interest. You may contact the chairs of the individual SIGs for information.

Click here to read the welcome statement from the former SIG Coordinator, Kirsten Gonzalez, PhD

List of Special Interest Groups:

Adoption Research and Practice, Co-Chairs

Child and Adolescent, Co-Chairs

Couples and Families, Chair

Higher Education Leadership in Counseling Psychology, Chair

Late Career & Retiree Counseling Psychology

Military, Chair

Older Adults and Aging, Chair

Organizational Counseling Psychology, Co-Chairs

PsyD Programs, Co-Chairs

Religious and Spiritual Issues in Counseling Psychology, Chair

Rural Practice and Scholarship, Chair

Sex-Positivity, Co-Chair

SCP members with membership in ACA (SCP-n-ACA), Chair